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armco barrier

Armco BarriersArmco Barriers
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Pittman® Armco Barriers

An Armco Barrier is a robust corrugated steel barrier used to absorb impact from vehicles. The highly recognised "W" shape of the barrier allows it to absorb impacts from smaller vehicles like cars.

Steel crash barriers are commonly seen on motorways but are also very useful in warehouses, factories, service yards and private car parks. The barriers can be used to protect employees from harm and to reduce the risk of damage to infrastructure.

armco barriers

Use an armco barrier to absorb vehicle impacts at slow speeds. The barriers can prevent cars from entering into restricted areas or bring vehicles to a stop before the vehicle has a chance to enter into a dangerous area.

The barriers can also be fully customised to suit your particular project. Choose from straight beams, curved sections, joining posts and more to complete the barrier setup for your area.

Pittman® have the best quality steel barriers for protecting vehicles, assets and infrastructure from serious harm. Use an armco barrier to provide high quality protection to warehouse columns, corners, pillars etc. or prevent cars from entering into dangerious or prohibited areas in private car parks. Having the right kind of barrier on site will not only protect assets but will also provide high quality safety standards for employees, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries in the workplace. 

armco steel barriers
Armco Barrier FAQ

Armco barriers are designed to bring vehicles to a halt as quickly and as safely as possible. The sturdy design of the barriers is enough to stop most vehicles. However, the barriers are designed to bend slightly after impact to absorb the impact to an extent.

While using armco barriers may seem like an extreme safety measure it could be completely necessary depending on the environment and the situation. For example, if the barrier is used on a car park ledge it could potentially stop impacting vehicles from falling from a height.

Armco barriers are suitable for most off-highway areas including -

  • Warehouses
  • Private car parks
  • Vehicle service yards
  • Freight areas

Before installing armco safety barriers be sure to carry out a full risk assessment of the area. Make a note of -

  • Vehicle speed in the area
  • Nearby risks or hazards
  • Types of vehicles in the area
  • The quality of the surface in the area

Our armco barriers are not suitable for road application and are only suitable for off-road areas. They are compliant with the requirements of BS6180 and BS6399.

Armco posts can be installed by bolting to the ground or casting into concrete. Installation will depend on the quality of the surface and the on-site requirements for the barrier.

Once posts are in place the beams can be fitted together and attached easily. The modular style of the barriers make them easy to install on-site.

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