Barrier Tape

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Get fast delivery on our high-quality barrier tape options from stock. Deter entry onto open groundworks and temporarily close off pedestrian entry. Our barrier tape can be dispensed straight from the box with ease. Combine with fences, tape stands and more to easily install on site. Call our sales team on 01 531 2777 or email

Barrier Tape
Barrier Tape in Dispensing CartonBarrier Tape in Dispensing Carton
SKU: 752775
Moravia Barrier Tape in Dispensing Carton
Sale priceFrom €27.00ex VAT
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crowd control tapeBarrier Tape Stands 1200mm
SKU: 752777
Moravia Barrier Tape Stands 1200mm
Sale price€11.00ex VAT
WallMaster Magnetic Retractable Belt BarrierWallMaster Magnetic Retractable Belt Barrier
SKU: 782220
Queue Solutions WallMaster Magnetic Retractable Belt Barrier
Sale priceFrom €84.50ex VAT
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JSP Dominator™ Traffic Cone 1000mmJSP Dominator™ Traffic Cone 1000mm
SKU: 759040
JSP JSP Dominator™ Traffic Cone 1000mm
Sale priceFrom €24.50ex VAT
Fully Compliant - Ideal for Road Maintenance
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MultiMax™ Chain PostsMultiMax™ Chain Posts
SKU: 862198
Pittman® MultiMax™ Chain Posts
Sale price€199.00ex VAT
Extreme Durability - Highly Resistant to Vehicles
JSP Navigator™ Traffic Cone 750mmJSP Navigator™ Traffic Cone 750mm
SKU: 759041
JSP JSP Navigator™ Traffic Cone 750mm
Sale priceFrom €16.95ex VAT
Our Best-Selling Traffic Cone - Hundreds in Stock
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Barrier tape provides a cost effective option for deterring entry. Barrier tape can be easily deployed for on-site means of blocking pedestrian traffic. This tape has many uses and is suitable for many purposes.

Why use barrier tape?

Barrier tape is a cost effective product for temporary entry denial. The tape can be used to block entry with ease. Combine with cones, tie to railings and more in order to deny entry on-site.

The Barrier Tape in Dispensing Carton can be easily deployed to site direct from the box. Combine with our JSP Traffic Cones for a cheap, reliable temporary barrier. The tape provides an easy tear feature for easy deployment on site.

crowd control tape
boundary tape
How to use barrier tape?

Simply pull the barrier tape from the carton and tear. The tape is lightweight, yet highly durable for outdoor use. It has been popular with use at groundworks, car parks, temporary queue systems and more.

If you are using the tape on a grass area the Barrier Tape Stands 1200mm will be quite useful. Simply install into the grass and attach the barrier tape with ease. 

The tape can also be combined with traffic cones, fences, gates and more. Available in red and white or a black and yellow design.