Crossgrip Roof Walkway Anti-Slip Matting

Colour: Grey - 60cm x 10 Metre
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Countours to Roof Structures and Stable up to 60mph winds

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  • 14mm thick - highly durable
  • Available in 60cm, 91cm or 122cm wide
  • Comes in 10 metre rolls as standard
  • Loose lay, no fixing required
  • Contours to roof structure - highly conformable
  • Compatible with PVC roof membranes
  • Highly durable PVC design
  • UV resistant - ideal for outdoor use
  • Stable in winds up to 60mph (96km/h)
  • Diamond cut pattern - superb grip
  • Easy to clean with a high pressure hose
Easy Installation
Professional Use

The Crossgrip Roof Walkway Anti-Slip Matting provides excellent grip and stability for pedestrians crossing rooftops and walkways in outdoor environments. Each anti-slip mat comes in a 10-metre roll, excellent for rolling out into the area you require them.  Each anti-slip mat roll can be installed quickly and easily in a loose-lay format, with no fixing required.

The Crossgrip Anti-Slip Mats come in a black or grey colour and are made with highly durable PVC for long-lasting durability. The diamond cut pattern on the roof mats provides excellent grip and stability for pedestrians while walking on them, ideal for rooftops and walkways where frequent maintenance or repairs may be needed. 

The mats are stable in outdoor conditions with winds of up to 60mph (96km/h), ideal for high building tops and walkway areas. This allows workers or maintenance crews to move around walkways with ease and peace of mind, with an excellent grip on open outdoor rooftops.

The design of these anti-slip mats makes them very conformable to many kinds of roof and walkway types, ideal for many environments when installation.  The mats will contour with various roof structures and sit nicely on surfaces. 

The highly durable PVC design of these mats makes them perfect for outdoor use, and they will provide a robust, highly effective means of grip and stability for pedestrians at all times.


Product Specifications:

Roll length: 10000mm

Width: 600 / 910 / 1220mm

Thickness: 14mm

Material: PVC