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Choose from the Pittman range of steel, wood and plastic litter bins for public spaces in Ireland. The Benito and Procity range of litter bins encourages better litter disposal in public with modern, stylish designs. High-quality materials mean reduced need for maintenance and replacement. Have an upcoming streets project? Call our sales team on 01 531 2777 or email for the fastest quotes and latest specifications.

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Benito Eterna Litter BinBenito Eterna Litter Bin
SKU: 713651
Benito Benito Eterna Litter Bin
Sale price€449.50ex VAT
Vandal Resistant Bin for Public Spaces
Regent Dog Waste Litter Bin - 30 LitreRegent Dog Waste Litter Bin - 30 Litre
SKU: 862891
Pittman® Regent Dog Waste Litter Bin - 30 Litre
Sale priceFrom €39.50ex VAT
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Consort Round Hooded BinConsort Round Hooded Bin
SKU: 898973
Pittman® Consort Round Hooded Bin
Sale price€260.00ex VAT
Encourage Litter Disposal in Public Settings
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Benito Gavarres Litter Binbenito gavarres litter bin
SKU: p-713692
Benito Benito Gavarres Litter Bin
Seville Wooden Litter BinSeville Wooden Litter Bin
SKU: 724444
Procity Seville Wooden Litter Bin
Sale price€612.00ex VAT
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Cologne Wooden Litter BinCologne Wooden Litter Bin
SKU: 896366
Procity Cologne Wooden Litter Bin
Sale price€652.00ex VAT
Encourage Rubbish Disposal in Green Spaces
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Silaos Street Litter BinSilaos Street Litter Bin
SKU: 724454
Procity Silaos Street Litter Bin
Sale priceFrom €1,256.00ex VAT
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Seville Octagonal Wooden Litter BinSeville Octagonal Wooden Litter Bin
SKU: 726207
Procity Seville Octagonal Wooden Litter Bin
Sale priceFrom €867.00ex VAT
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KUBE Litter BinKUBE Litter Bin
SKU: 726067
KUBE. KUBE Litter Bin
Encourage Better Waste Disposal in Public
Lofoten Litter Binlofoten litter bin
SKU: 726184
Procity Lofoten Litter Bin
Lofoten Lightweight Steel Litter BinLofoten Lightweight Steel Litter Bin
SKU: 726203
Procity Lofoten Lightweight Steel Litter Bin
Sale price€659.00ex VAT
Collects Up to 100 Litres of Rubbish Outdoors
Benito Argo Plus Litter Binbenito argo plus litter bin
SKU: 713652
Benito Benito Argo Plus Litter Bin
Morvan Litter BinMorvan Litter Bin
SKU: 896350
Procity Morvan Litter Bin
Sale price€548.00ex VAT
Encourage Cleaner Public Green Spaces
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Benito Dara Litter BinBenito Dara Litter Bin
SKU: 713653
Benito Benito Dara Litter Bin
Cergy Litter BinCergy Litter Bin
SKU: 896415
Procity Cergy Litter Bin
Sale price€767.50ex VAT
Permanent Litter Collection Unit for Outdoors
Benito Elipsis Litter Binbenito elipsis litter bin
SKU: 713695
Benito Benito Elipsis Litter Bin
Benito Kube Litter BinBenito Kube Litter Bin
SKU: 713662
Benito Benito Kube Litter Bin
Encourage Litter Disposal in Green Spaces
benito gea litter binBenito Gea Litter Bin
SKU: 713696
Benito Benito Gea Litter Bin
Sustainable Litter Disposal for Urban Settings
Venice Litter Bin 120 LitresVenice Litter Bin 120 Litres
SKU: 726193
Procity Venice Litter Bin 120 Litres
Sale priceFrom €1,086.00ex VAT
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vonda mist litter binVonda Mist Litter Bin
SKU: 713709
Vonda Vonda Mist Litter Bin
Venice Recycling Point Litter BinVenice Recycling Point Litter Bin
SKU: 726192
Procity Venice Recycling Point Litter Bin
Sale price€1,138.00ex VAT
Venice Litter Bin - 80 LitresVenice Litter Bin - 80 Litres
SKU: 726202
Procity Venice Litter Bin - 80 Litres
Sale priceFrom €755.00ex VAT
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Olbia Litter BinOlbia Litter Bin
SKU: 726199
Procity Olbia Litter Bin
Sale priceFrom €747.00ex VAT
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Province Litter Bin 40 LitresProvince Litter Bin 40 Litres
SKU: 896397
Procity Province Litter Bin 40 Litres


Litter bins are containers or receptacles used to dispose of rubbish. They are commonly installed on public streets to collect litter from pedestrians. While installed on public streets they can encourage better waste disposal and help to maintain clean environments. They are key to local street furniture installations and benefit every street.

Litter bins come in various shapes, sizes and formats. Different designs may suit certain areas better than others. While bins handle rubbish, they can also help to boost the aesthetic of public spaces.

litter bin
public bins

Dedicated litter bin points in cities or towns make it much easier for council workers to collect rubbish from the streets. The bins will help councils and waste management services manage rubbish collections with greater ease. They can also boost local aesthethics, as showcased in the Pittman® Street Experience video.

Having litter bins in place can also help to encourage recycling where intended. By increasing the number of available rubbish bins in public, pedestrians will be more inclined to dispose of their waste. This will significantly reduce litter on the streets and improve the local environment. 

Why should litter bins be installed in outdoor areas?
  • Encourage better waste disposal in public spaces. Increasing the number of litter bins in any given area increases the chance of litter being disposed of.
  • Maintain the local environment. If the litter is being disposed of correctly, it will reduce rubbish on the ground and maintain an excellent aesthetic feel in the area.
  • Comply with health and safety guidelines. Providing an opportunity for rubbish to be disposed of will help to reduce the risk of injury or exposure to hazardous items. This is crucial as many streetscapes will be host to families with young children.
street litter bins
outdoor bins
Use litter bins to create safer, cleaner parks

Use litter bins outdoors to create better green areas like parks, playgrounds and sports pitches. The bins will encourage litter disposal while improving the aesthetic of the vicinity. Combine bins with park benches or a picnic table set to create better outdoor seating areas for recreational purposes like picnics and gatherings. You can also boost the surroundings with planters to develop more colour and vibrancy.

Use outdoor notice boards to guide tourists and visitors to nearby points of interest or to help them find their way. Notice boards are excellent for public parks and make the area more "user-friendly" on arrival.

Dog waste bins are great in green areas like public parks. These bins will separate dog waste from regular waste.

Public litter bins are available in various formats and designs to suit different areas. Steel bins like the Venice Litter Bin 120 Litres provide a highly modern design with high durability while in use. The laser-cut steel design provides a professional finish suitable for many areas.

Wooden designs are highly suitable for green areas. The Cologne Wooder Litter Bin uses a wooden design to match park surroundings. Combine with wooden benches to match the feel of the area.

See the full Pittman street furniture and local authority range for a wide array of litter bins made from recycled plastic, steel, concrete, and wood.

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Litter Bins FAQ

Most outdoor litter bins can range anywhere from 50 litres to 120 litres waste capacity. Rubbish capacity will depend on the size and internal dimensions of the bin itself.

Litter bins cannot completely stop littering. However, they offer a means for pedestrians to easily dispose of waste and help to boost overall street cleanliness. They also offer an excellent means for local councils to collect rubbish at designated points in the area.

Depending on the type of bin they can be opened and emptied in several ways.

  • Internal bucket/collector
  • Plastic bag holder
  • Manual emptying
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