Recycled Plastic Benches

Eco-Friendly, Sustainable, Long-Lasting - Recycled Plastic Benches Made for Irish Parks and Streets

See our full range of recycled plastic benches made for public projects across Ireland. Choose recycled benches for eco-friendly, sustainable seating options made for long-term use outdoors with minimal maintenance required. Need a quote? Call us on 01 531 2111 or email for expert advice.

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Recycled Plastic Benches
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See our full range of park benches and seats made for your next public space project. See our selection of best-selling and stock benches delivered fast.

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Benito Citizen Eco Recycled Park BenchBenito Citizen Eco Recycled Park Bench
SKU: 713648
Benito Benito Citizen Eco Recycled Park Bench
Sale price€599.00ex VAT
100% Recycled & Maintenance-Free
Benito Kuk Picnic TableBenito Kuk Picnic Table
SKU: 713684
Benito Benito Kuk Picnic Table
Benito Pik Picnic TableBenito Pik Picnic Table
SKU: 713683
Benito Benito Pik Picnic Table
Riga Recycled Plastic Park Bench
SKU: 724429
Procity Riga Recycled Plastic Park Bench
Silaos Recycled Plastic Park Bench
SKU: 737525
Procity Silaos Recycled Plastic Park Bench
Sale priceFrom €731.99ex VAT
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Benito EcoSens Recycled Park BenchBenito EcoSens Recycled Park Bench
SKU: 713650
Benito Benito EcoSens Recycled Park Bench
Benito Vertebra Park BenchBenito Vertebra Park Bench
SKU: 713693
Benito Benito Vertebra Park Bench
Recycled plastic benches for sustainable street projects

Recycled plastic benches provide a more sustainable seating option for public space projects. While wood and steel benches provide more customisation options, recycled benches reduce carbon footprints and have a longer life cycle outdoors.

The Benito recycled Citizen Eco Recycled Park Bench, for example, provides many benefits to street and greenspace projects including -

  • A 100% recycled polymer design for a maintenance-free life
  • Fully assembled on delivery for fast and easy installation
  • High resistance to weathering, graffiti, chips, rotting and cracking

Benito street furniture aims to create more sustainable streetscapes and minimises maintenance during it's lifetime. Choose from a wide range of recycled plastic benches, seats and picnic table sets for your next street or greenspace project.

recycled plastic bench
recycled plastic seating
Benefits of Recycled Plastic Seating

When compared to steel or wooden seating, recycled seating can provide many benefits for public space projects.

Durability and Low Maintenance: Recycled plastic benches are highly durable and resistant to weathering, rotting, and drying out when used in the UK. Unlike wood, they do not require regular painting or sealing and will not rust or corrode like steel. This means that recycled seating can be installed without the need for regular on-site maintenance.

Environmentally Friendly: Recycled benches are made from recycled materials, meaning they will contribute to reduced waste. This will allow local authorities to demonstrate their commitment to more sustainable environments - a growing concern among the public. The sustainability of street furniture is a key deciding factor for selecting park benches for an upcoming project.

Cost-Effective: A reduced need for maintenance provides a more cost-effective seating option for UK street projects. This allows local authorities to meet budgets with a reduced need for regular replacement and maintenance costs often seen with cheaper alternatives.

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Safe and Comfortable: Recycled plastic benches do not splinter like wood or heat up excessively like metal, making them safer and more comfortable for publicstreets and parks. Benches like the Citizen Eco recycled park bench are also highly resistance to graffiti and can be easily restored back to it's original design.

Vandalism Resistant: Recycled plastic benches are more resistant to vandalism compared to wood and steel. They are less likely to show graffiti and show better resistance against dents, scratches and chipping. This is particularly beneficial for urban areas where vandalism is more of a concern. Benches like the Citizen Eco are also highly resistance to graffiti and can be cleaned and restored back to it's original design.

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