Tree Guards

All-Steel Tree Guards for Tree Protection in Irish Streetscapes - Call Our Experts

See our full range of tree guards to protect exposed trees on streets. Full steel designs mean a long-lasting design with reduced need for maintenance or replacement. Protect trees from impacts while still allowing general tree maintenance to take place. Call our tree guard experts on 01 531 2777 or email for the best quotes and bulk discounts.

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tree guards
Lamp Post ProtectorLamp Post Protector
SKU: 899216
Pittman® Lamp Post Protector
Sale priceFrom €230.00ex VAT
Single-Piece Protection for Racking, Columns or Posts
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Galvanised Steel Tree GuardGalvanised Steel Tree Guard
SKU: 897970
Procity Galvanised Steel Tree Guard
Sale priceFrom €115.50ex VAT
Protect Trees from Impact Damage
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Benito Taulat Tree GrilleBenito Taulat Tree Grille
SKU: 713679
Benito Benito Taulat Tree Grille
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