Rack Protection

Rack Protection For Increased Warehouse Safety - Ireland's Best Range

Choose from Ireland's widest range of steel racking protectors designed to reduce costly warehouse accidents. Maintain the best safety standards and meet warehouse legal requirements. Install on site fast for reduced warehouse downtime and instantly boost safety. Call our sales team on 01 531 2111 or email sales@pittman.ie for fast quotations and the latest specifications.

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Rack Protection
Defender Right Angle Pallet Rack ProtectionDefender Right Angle Pallet Rack Protection
SKU: 728908
Defender Defender Right Angle Pallet Rack Protection
Sale priceFrom €64.50ex VAT
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Defender U-Shaped Pallet Rack ProtectionDefender U-Shaped Pallet Rack Protection
SKU: 728913
Pittman® Defender U-Shaped Pallet Rack Protection
Sale price€109.50ex VAT
Protect Pallet Racking from Forklift Damage
Black Bull Pallet Rack ProtectionBlack Bull Pallet Rack Protection
SKU: 763421
Black Bull Black Bull Pallet Rack Protection
Sale priceFrom €50.95ex VAT
Protect Pallet Racks from Impact Damage
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Black Bull Pallet Racking Protectors with Guide RollersBlack Bull Pallet Racking Protectors with Guide Rollers
SKU: 763422
Black Bull Black Bull Pallet Racking Protectors with Guide Rollers
Sale priceFrom €192.00ex VAT
Helps Place Pallets At Ground Level
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Black Bull Shelf Protective BarrierBlack Bull Shelf Protective Barrier
SKU: 765208
Black Bull Black Bull Shelf Protective Barrier
Sale priceFrom €759.60ex VAT
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Defender Anti Nudge BarDefender Anti Nudge Bar
Defender Defender Anti Nudge Bar
Sale priceFrom €99.00ex VAT
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Black Bull Warehouse Collision Protection BarsBlack Bull Warehouse Collision Protection Bars
SKU: 765231
Black Bull Black Bull Warehouse Collision Protection Bars
Sale priceFrom €54.00ex VAT
Economical Protection For Plant Machinery
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390x750mm barrierFlex barrier bending on impact
SKU: 765177
Black Bull Black Bull Flex Protection Guard
Sale priceFrom €309.50ex VAT
Heavy Duty Guard That Flexes Upon Impact
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Black Bull Corner Protection GuardBlack Bull Corner Protection Guard
SKU: 765119
Black Bull Black Bull Corner Protection Guard
Sale priceFrom €269.50ex VAT
Protect Vunerable Corners From Impac
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Defender Warehouse Hoop BarrierDefender Warehouse Hoop Barrier
SKU: 728707
Defender Defender Warehouse Hoop Barrier
Sale priceFrom €229.00ex VAT
Protect Warehouse Staff From Work Vehicles
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Black Bull Protection Guards XLBlack Bull Protection Guards XL
SKU: 765136
Black Bull Black Bull Protection Guards XL
Sale priceFrom €591.60ex VAT
108mm Thick Barrier Protets Assets And People
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1m wide hoop guardDual hoop guards at warehouse door
SKU: 765266
Black Bull Black Bull Steel Hoop Guards
Sale priceFrom €308.50ex VAT
Protects People, Machinery & Stock In Warehouses
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Black Bull Protection GuardBlack Bull Protection Guard
SKU: 765125
Black Bull Black Bull Protection Guard
Sale priceFrom €220.50ex VAT
Heavy Duty Guards For Warehouse Assets
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Defender Warehouse Bollard (Surface Mount) Ø 89mmDefender Warehouse Bollard (Surface Mount) Ø 89mm
SKU: 752443
Defender Defender Warehouse Bollard (Surface Mount) Ø 89mm
Sale price€119.50ex VAT
Defender Warehouse Bollard (Sub-Surface) Ø 89mm
SKU: 752503
Defender Defender Warehouse Bollard (Sub-Surface) Ø 89mm
Sale price€109.50ex VAT
Sub-Surface for Permanent Asset Protection
Defender Warehouse Bollard (Bolt-Down) Ø 60mmDefender Warehouse Bollard (Bolt-Down) Ø 60mm
SKU: 900184
Pittman® Defender Warehouse Bollard (Bolt-Down) Ø 60mm
Sale price€89.50ex VAT
Heavy duty bollard with base platesub-surface heavy duty bollard in place
SKU: 765235
Black Bull Black Bull Heavy Duty Bollard L - 159mm Ø
Sale priceFrom €453.50ex VAT
Designed To Withstand Heavy Impacts
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Protect warehouse racking from impact damage

Rack protection products will protect warehouse pallet racking from impact damage. Protecting racking is crucial to safe warehouse spaces. By protecting the racks effectively it can greatly reduce the risk of collapsing racks and increase protection to stock, assets and employees.

Having this kind of protection is needed especially where stock and products are being stored on pallet racking. Once installedrack protection will reduce costly warehouse accidents. As warehouses reach full capacity more pallet rack protectors will be needed.

Rack protectors can also offer excellent wall protection and column protection to warehouse assets. Reduce damage to infrastructure, machinery etc. and protect employees from harm.

See our full Pittman® warehouse range for fast delivery on a wide range of warehouse racking and asset protection.

warehouse rack protectors
racking protection
How to install pallet rack protection for warehouses

Depending on the type of product install rack leg protectors at the bottom of exposed pallet racking or directly onto the racking itself.

Before installing rack protection you should carry out your own risk assessment of the area. To choose the right protectors consider -

  • What kind of vehicles are passing through the area - depending on the types of vehicles in use in the area may determine what kind of protection you will install.
  • How frequent the traffic moves through the area - check how often the vehicles are coming through the area. Busier areas may require heavier-duty designs.
  • What you are trying to protect - consider how the racking is set up and where you are trying to protect it. Some rack guarding setups can deflect impact from certain sides or completely surround the racking bases to provide 360-degree protection. Also, take into account the value of the items on the racking and where they are situated in your warehouse.

Types of Racking Protection


Light-medium duty protection at 90 degree corners. Easily bolted down at racking ends.


Light-medium duty protection. Protect entire front of racking feet or ends. Protects against impact from front and sides. Better protection to the racking upright.

Corner Protection

Medium duty protection. Corner protectors cover more ground around the racking and greatly reduce the risk of damage from work vehicles.

corner rack protection
nudge bars
Nudge Bars

Medium-heavy duty protection. Installed across the front or sides of pallet racking installations. Prevents work vehicles from driving too close to racking.

End-Frame Protection

Medium-heavy duty protection. Fully covers shelving endpoints and sides from work vehicles.

end frame protection
Hoop Barriers

Heavy-duty protection. Hoop barriers provide higher level protection, suitable for protecting elevated racking points or assets.

360-Degree Protection

Heavy-duty protection. Offers unrivalled rack, column or pipe protection. Reduces damage from stray forklift forks or reversing work vehicles.

360 degree racking protection
Rack Protection FAQ
  • Protect warehouse racking from damage - by surrounding the racking beams it can reduce the risk of serious damage from forklifts or other work vehicles. This will reduce the risk of racks collapsing after over time and minimise racking maintenance.

  • Protect employees from harm - reducing the risk of damaged racking can in turn reduce the risk of employee injuries. Broken or damaged racking may seem fine at first glance, but bent or broken racks can cause injuries to employees if left unchecked.

  • Reduce expensive repair costs - rack protection will reduce the risk of expensive repair costs to infrastructure, machinery and other assets. Replacing damaged racking is an expensive ordeal

  • Reduce warehouse downtime - repairs may result in lost time as well as financial expenses. Protecting racking allows warehouses to operate at full capacity with peace of mind and fewer worries about slow production.
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