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Bike Shelters
Rothar Bike ShelterRothar Bike Shelter
SKU: 724556
Pittman® Rothar Bike Shelter
Sale priceFrom €2,590.00ex VAT
Ireland's Best-Priced Bike Shelter - Fast Delivery from Stock
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Dublin Bike ShelterDublin Bike Shelter
SKU: 862901
Pittman® Dublin Bike Shelter
Sale priceFrom €4,350.00ex VAT
Extra Tough Design - Suitable for Urban Spaces
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Brooklyn Bike ShelterBrooklyn Bike Shelter
SKU: 899471
Pittman® Brooklyn Bike Shelter
Sale priceFrom €5,600.00ex VAT
Open Design for Easier Bike Access - Available in 4 or 8 Metre
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Laragh Bike ShelterLaragh Bike Shelter
SKU: 724469
Pittman® Laragh Bike Shelter
Sale priceFrom €2,450.00ex VAT
Ultra Strong Sheet Metal and Autoclave Wood Combination
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Voute Bike ShelterVoute Bike Shelter
SKU: 737634
Procity Voute Bike Shelter
Sale priceFrom €2,540.00ex VAT
Our Most Versatile Bike Shelter - Fully Customise Your Project
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Milan Bike ShelterMilan Bike Shelter
SKU: 737664
Procity Milan Bike Shelter
Sale priceFrom €5,337.50ex VAT
Contemporary Design for Public Bike Storage
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Voute XXL Multi Functional Bike ShelterVoute XXL Multi Functional Bike Shelter
SKU: 896866
Procity Voute XXL Multi Functional Bike Shelter
Sale price€8,050.00ex VAT
Multifunctional - Suitable for Bikes, Trollies or Scooters
Moonshape Bike ShelterMoonshape Bike Shelter
SKU: 757177
Pittman® Moonshape Bike Shelter
Sale price€4,719.00ex VAT
Aluminium Crossbeam with Integral Rain Gutter
Boston Bike ShelterBoston Bike Shelter
SKU: 712120
Pittman® Boston Bike Shelter
Sale price€4,164.00ex VAT
Pre-Treated Exotic Wood Pillars - 20-Year Guarantee
Economy Bike ShelterEconomy Bike Shelter
SKU: 712116
Pittman® Economy Bike Shelter
Sale priceFrom €1,130.00ex VAT
Our Most Cost-Effective & Practical Bike Shelter
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Conviviale Bike ShelterConviviale Bike Shelter
SKU: 725880
Procity Conviviale Bike Shelter
Sale priceFrom €5,948.00ex VAT
Sub-Surface Mounting for Permanent Installation
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Benito Seguro Bike Bunkerbenito bike bunker
SKU: 713715
Benito Benito Seguro Bike Bunker
Ultra Secure for Urban Storage - Access via Bluetooth App with Double Layer Encryption
Voute High Security Bike CompoundVoute High Security Bike Compound
SKU: 751696
Procity Voute High Security Bike Compound
Sale priceFrom €8,865.00ex VAT
Increased Security Against Public Bike Theft
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Bike Cage Storage System Installed In CarparkBike Cage Storage System
SKU: 895871
Pittman® Bike Cage Storage System
Bike Compound
SKU: 895872
Pittman® Bike Compound
Calais Secure Cycle Compound
SKU: 713725
Pittman® Calais Secure Cycle Compound
Sale priceFrom €3,260.00ex VAT
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Calais Compact Secure Cycle ShelterCalais Compact Secure Cycle Shelter
SKU: 713724
Pittman® Calais Compact Secure Cycle Shelter
Sale price€7,999.00ex VAT
High Security Mechanical Digilock

Bike Shelters provide a means for covering or protecting bikes in outdoor areas. Installing a bike shelter helps to prevent weather from affecting bikes while being stored. Most bike shelters come flat-packed for easy self install on site. They can be easily combined with bike racks or bike stands to create long-lasting bike parking facilties for public and private spaces.

Benefits of bike shelters

  • Protects bikes from rain
  • Encourages use of bicycles for a school or business
  • Supports sustainability - reduces pollution
  • Deters theft of bicycles
outdoor bike shelters
how to install bike shelters
Installing a bike shelter?

Bike shelters are easy to install - all of our shelters will come flat-packed for easy self install on site. When installing we recommend the shelter is placed onto pre-existing concrete pads for best results.

Once the concrete pads have been prepared the bike shelter can be bolted into place. It is recommended to wait 2-3 days after the concrete pads have dried to install. This provides structure for the shelter over time.

An outdoor bike shelter can help to protect bikes from weather. They are popular amongst schools, businesses, local authorities and much more.

What is the best bike shelter?

The Brooklyn Bike Shelter is the most popular shelter. This shelter has a fully hot-dip galvanised design for excellent protection against rusting. The polycarbonate roof provides excellent protection to bikes. The open design also allows access to bikes from all sides.

The Moonshape Bike Shelter gives you a more stylish option. The steel frame is aluminium crossbar, making it ideal for outdoors. Each Moonshape shelter is also equipped with a rain gutter. This reduces rain dripping down onto bike users while collecting their bike.

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