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Choose from a wide range of convex mirrors for indoor and outdoor use. For warehouses and car parks choose the SeeClear Extra Convex Mirror. For urban towns and cities the SeeClear Traffic Steel Convex Mirrors are highly robust and vandal resistant. Need to boost indoor shop security? Choose the Detective-X Premium Internal Security Mirror.

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Convex Mirrors
SeeClear Steel Convex MirrorSeeClear Convex Steel Mirrors - 320mm
SKU: 758448
SeeClear SeeClear Convex Steel Mirrors - 320mm
Sale price€149.00ex VAT
SeeClear Convex Steel MirrorsSeeClear Convex Steel Mirrors
SKU: 758442
SeeClear SeeClear Convex Steel Mirrors
Sale priceFrom €349.00ex VAT
Ireland's Strongest Traffic Mirror - Long-Lasting Steel Design
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SeeClear EXTRA Convex MirrorSeeClear EXTRA Convex Mirror
SKU: 762162
SeeClear SeeClear EXTRA Convex Mirror
Sale priceFrom €135.00ex VAT
Pittman's Most Popular Convex Mirror
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Authority Stainless Steel MirrorAuthority Stainless Steel Mirror
SKU: 758444
SeeClear Authority Stainless Steel Mirror
Sale priceFrom €399.00ex VAT
Vandal Resistant Mirror Made for Irish Roads
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Panoramic dome mirror wide viewDome mirror hanging from ceiling
SKU: 758380
Moravia Panoramic 360° Dome Mirror
Sale priceFrom €231.95ex VAT
Indispensable Safety Aid In High Traffic Areas
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Panoramic 180° Dome MirrorPanoramic 180° Dome Mirror
SKU: 758386
Moravia Panoramic 180° Dome Mirror
Sale priceFrom €113.50ex VAT
Provides Extra Safety And Supervisory Capabilities
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Panoramic 90° Dome MirrorPanoramic 90° Dome Mirror
SKU: 758390
Moravia Panoramic 90° Dome Mirror
Sale priceFrom €56.95ex VAT
Perfect For Narrow Hallways, Gives Wider View
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wall bracket for convex mirror
SKU: 758435
SeeClear SeeClear Road Side Convex Mirror Bracket
Sale price€59.50ex VAT
Convex mirror in warehouseAnti-vandal mirror in underground railway station
SKU: 765342
Moravia Anti-Vandal Stainless Steel Mirror
Sale price€835.50ex VAT
Strong, Sturdy Mirror For High Vandal Areas
Safety mirror in shop to deter theftSafety mirror at machinery to cover blind-spots
SKU: 758350
Moravia Detective-X Internal Mirror
Sale priceFrom €83.50ex VAT
Helps Reduce Incidents Of Theft
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Oval mirror in officeOval mirror giving bigger view of an office
SKU: 765339
Moravia Detective Internal Convex Mirror
Sale priceFrom €82.50ex VAT
Oval Design Suited To Smaller Areas
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Mirror mounted to wall in warehouseMirror mounted to wall in production room
SKU: 765343
Moravia Detective Magnetic Convex Mirror
Sale priceFrom €134.00ex VAT
Magnetic Mount For Temporary Use
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Cleanroom Stainless Steel Convex MirrorCleanroom Stainless Steel Convex Mirror
SKU: 896628
Pittman® Cleanroom Stainless Steel Convex Mirror
Sale priceFrom €724.00ex VAT
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Institutional MirrorInstitutional Mirror
SKU: 862809
Moravia Institutional Mirror
Sale priceFrom €723.00ex VAT
Anti-Vandal Features For Added Security
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View-Minder Convex MirrorView-Minder Convex Mirror
SKU: 758450
Moravia View-Minder Convex Mirror
Sale priceFrom €422.00ex VAT
Acrylic Mirror, High Optical Quality
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Industrial convex mirror showing dangerRound industrial convex mirror
SKU: 758181
Moravia View-Minder Industrial Convex Mirror
Sale priceFrom €302.50ex VAT
Designed For Industrial Use
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Heated convex mirror on a poleHeated convex mirror in city centre
SKU: 758105
Moravia View Ultra Heated Convex Mirror
Sale priceFrom €301.50ex VAT
Built In Heater For Frosty Days
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Glass convex mirror on public streetConvex mirror mounted on dangerous bend
SKU: 758100
Moravia View Ultra Convex Mirror
Sale priceFrom €552.95ex VAT
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Panoramic mirror showing hidden drivewayPanoramic mirror vertically mounted to show entrance
SKU: 758412
Moravia Mirror-Max Panoramic Mirror
Sale priceFrom €394.00ex VAT
Compact Wide Angle Acrylic Mirror
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LED Inspection LightLED Inspection Light
SKU: 758302
Moravia LED Inspection Light
Sale price€149.50ex VAT
Light Up Hard To Reach Areas For Inspection
Security Inspection Mirror On CastorsSecurity Inspection Mirror On Castors
SKU: 758301
Moravia Security Inspection Mirror On Castors
Sale price€311.00ex VAT
Reduces The Need For Manual Inspection
SeeClear Anti-Freeze Steel Convex MirrorSeeClear Anti-Freeze Steel Convex Mirror
SKU: 898972
SeeClear SeeClear Anti-Freeze Steel Convex Mirror
Sale price€999.00ex VAT
Spion Multi-purpose Acrylic Convex Safety Mirror Rectangular
SKU: 758210
Moravia Spion Multi-purpose Acrylic Convex Safety Mirror Rectangular
Sale price€529.00ex VAT
Hand held mirror inspecting a carHand held mirror inspecting a machine
SKU: 758300
Moravia Hand-Held Security Inspection Mirror
Sale price€165.00ex VAT
Extendable Handle For Easy Use

Pittman is Ireland's leading expert supplier of convex mirrors. Get fast delivery from stock on our convex mirrors made for professional use across Ireland. Our mirrors are the first choice for local authorities and business premises. Ordering in bulk? Call our sales team for the fastest quotations and latest specifications.

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What are Convex Mirrors used for?

Convex mirrors help to provide a vision for oncoming vehicles, pedestrians etc. and allow drivers to see past blind spots and maintain better safety. Our range of interior security mirrors are widely used by retail shops to improve store security as well as in warehouses to help eliminate blind corner for forklifts and other users. For checkpoint security at high-risk installations, airports, cargo terminals and ports we have a checkpoint security mirror for every application.

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Our convex mirrors come in a variety of materials including acrylic, glass, polycarbonate and stainless steel. The convex mirror range is widely used by local authorities, public car parks, business premises and commercial settings. The SeeClear Traffic Steel Convex Mirrors are the most durable convex mirrors on the market and will provide years of service on Irish roads.

Convex mirrors are the tried and tested method of increasing retail security, allowing personnel to monitor blind spots and hidden aisles inside a shop. Most popular is the SeeClear Interior mirror which is wall-mounted, affordable and easy to install. For a highly visible deterrent choose the panoramic domed convex mirrors which can be fixed to the wall or also available in a full hemisphere to be suspended from the ceiling.

Need expert convex mirror advice for your upcoming project? Call our business sales team on 01 531 2777 for fast quotes and specifications.


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