XPT London Speed Cushion System

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100% Recycled Rubber with High Sound and Vibration Absorption

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  • Made from 100% recycled rubber
  • Bus, ambulance and fire engine friendly
  • For temporary or permanent use
  • High sound and vibration absorption
  • Offers a variety of solutions for any road width
  • Glueless assembly - easy to use attachment system
  • Includes all fixings for fast on-site installation
Bolt Down
Bolts included
Easy Installation
Heavy Duty

The XPT London Speed Cushion System offers an exceptional solution for traffic management and speed reduction on both public and private roads. Made from 100% recycled rubber, this product is not only eco-friendly but also highly durable. It is designed to accommodate various vehicle types, including buses and emergency service vehicles, ensuring smooth passage at all times.

One of the standout features of the London Speed Cushion System is its adaptability to different road widths. Installation is quick and straightforward, with each section seamlessly connecting to the next via the cushion's attachment system. The cushion can be securely bolted down via the integral fixing points. No glues or adhesives are required for installation.

Compared to traditional speed cushions, the XPT London system greatly reduces noise and vibrations, ensuring vehicles can traverse it smoothly and as quietly as possible. The rounded corners of the speed cushion enhance safety by absorbing impact, especially for cyclists and motorbike users.

The highly visible white markings on the speed cushion sections boost visibility for drivers, encouraging them to reduce their speed on approach to the speed cushion. It is also recommended to install speed bump or traffic calming signage to alert drivers as easily as possible. 

XPT London FAQ

Yes, the XPT London is fully customisable to suit your specific road project. Call our sales team for expert advice on designing a traffic calming system specific to your on-site requirements. Get custom markings,widths and more for your project.

XPT London system install times will vary from project to project, depending on kit sizes and setups. The modular design provides the fastest installation time compared to concrete designs. Glueless assembly also means there is an easy to use integral attachment system.

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