Rubber Wheel Stops

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See Pittman's wide range of rubber wheel stops for cars, vans and HGVs. Bring vehicles to a halt and protect vehicles and assets from damage. Choose rubber wheel stops for fast installation and a cost-effective design compared to concrete wheel stops. Moulded markings mean long-lasting visibility - avoid cheaper alternatives with adhesive tape. Call our experts on 01 531 2777 or email for the best quotes and bulk discounts.

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Rubber Wheel Stops
MKII HGV Wheel StopMKII HGV Wheel Stop
SKU: 747351
Pittman® MKII HGV Wheel Stop
Sale price€109.50ex VAT
The Toughest Wheel Stop for HGVs
XPT Wheel Stop 1800mm YellowXPT Wheel Stop 1800mm Yellow
SKU: 750210
XPT XPT Wheel Stop 1800mm Yellow
Sale price€59.50ex VAT
Fast Delivery & Bulk Discounts
XPT Wheel Stop 1800mm WhiteXPT Wheel Stops
SKU: 750211
XPT XPT Wheel Stop 1800mm White
Sale price€59.50ex VAT
Fast Delivery & Bulk Discounts
Park IT Rubber Wheel Stop - Yellow MarkingsPark It 1800mm Rubber Wheel Stop (Yellow)
SKU: 756550
Pittman® Park It 1800mm Rubber Wheel Stop (Yellow)
Sale price€59.50ex VAT
Reduce Vehicle Impacts in Car Parks
Park It Wheel Stop White MarkingsPark It 1800mm Rubber Wheel Stops (White)
SKU: 756551
GNR Park It 1800mm Rubber Wheel Stops (White)
Sale price€69.50ex VAT
Reduce Car Collisions in Parking Bays
Parker 1800 Wheel StopParker 1800 Wheel Stop
SKU: 756440
GNR Parker 1800 Wheel Stop
Sale price€69.50ex VAT
Extremely Strong PPC Kerb
XPT Wheel Stop Green 1800mmXPT Wheel Stop Green 1800mm
SKU: 756558
Pittman® XPT Wheel Stop Green 1800mm
Sale price€79.50ex VAT
Protect EV Charging Stations from Vehicle Impacts
Parker 500 Wheel StopParker 500 Wheel Stop
SKU: 762113
Pittman® Parker 500 Wheel Stop
Sale price€22.95ex VAT
Long-Lasting PVC Design - Suitable for Cars or Vans
HGV Dock Bumper 1200mmHGV Dock Wheel Stop
SKU: 899465
Pittman® HGV Dock Wheel Stop
Sale price€295.00ex VAT
XPT Rubber CurbXPT Rubber Curb
SKU: 747250
XPT XPT Rubber Curb
Sale priceFrom €89.50ex VAT
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Traffic Line Wheel StopTraffic Line Wheel Stop
SKU: 756432
Moravia Traffic Line Wheel Stop
Sale price€105.00ex VAT
Helps Define The End Of Parking Spaces
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Rubber wheel stops provide a highly durable means of stopping vehicles within a parking space. Wheel stops help to prevent damage to nearby assets and deter vehicles from moving beyond a designated area. 

Why use rubber wheel stops?

Rubber wheel stops are used for sustainable parking management and help to prevent damage to buildings or assets. They are also hard wearing and much more cost-effective when compared to concrete wheel stops. Because they are made from rubber they are less likely to rot or crack and are easier to replace. 

A popular wheel stop option among Pittman customers is the XPT Wheel Stop 1800mm Yellow. This excellent rubber wheel stop is made from recycled rubber for long-lasting protection. Unlike cheaper options the highly visible yellow markings are moulded into the stop instead of using an adhesive that is likely to come off over time.

rubber wheel stop

How to install rubber wheel stops?

To install rubber wheel stops simply drill the pilot holes, put the stops in place and then tighten into position. 

With the XPT Wheel Stop 1800mm White the fixings will allow for fixing into concrete or tarmac. 

Rubber Wheel Stops for HGVs?

Truck wheel stops are made from extremely tough rubber that can accommodate the larger vehicle wheels. A single wheel stop will be required for each vehicle wheel. Having them in place will significantly reduce the risk of vehicle collisions in loading bays.

The MKII HGV Wheel Stop provides an excellent means for trucks to come to a stop safely within a confined space. HGV rubber wheel stops are popular in the likes of freight depots and loading bays.


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