Cushion Trax® Anti-Fatigue Mat

Mat Size: 60cm x 91cm
Mat Colour: BLACK
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Notrax's Best Selling Anti-Fatigue Mat

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  • Diamond plate pattern - traction and easy movement
  • 4.7mm PVC top on vinyl base
  • Heavy foot traffic
  • Uni-fusion™ laminate made for harsh environments
  • RedStop™ technology boosts grip on smooth floors
  • Bevelled edges reduces risk of tripping
  • Indoor use only
  • Certified yellow borders
  • 14mm thick
Heavy Traffic
Fire Retardant

Product Specifications:

  • 4.7mm of PVC top surface permanently bonded onto a 9.3mm resilient backing of microcellular vinyl
  • Overall thickness: 14mm
  • Weight: 5.5kg per meter squared
  • Fire classification: Bfl-S1 tested according to DIN EN ISO 13501
  • Slip-resistance and freedom of movement; tested R10 according to DIN51130 and BG-rule BGR181
  • RedStop™ slip resistant backing
  • Yellow borders comply with OSHA code 1910-144
  • Coefficient of friciton tested and certified by the National Floor Safety Institute

The Cushion Trax® Anti-Fatigue Mat is Notrax’s best-selling ergonomic mat, designed for comfort, safety, and durability. The 14mm thick mat has a diamond plate design and is NFSI tested and certified for slip resistance and easy twist turns. The mat offers relief in both static and dynamic working positions.

The Cushion Trax ® also features a RedStop™ slip resistant back, to prevent the mat from shifting when in use. Each colour comes with bevelled edges to reduce the risk of tripping. The yellow borders on the Black/Yellow version are OSHA compliant also.

The mat uses a combination of hard-wearing top surface, bonded to a resilient vinyl base to give the user maximum fatigue relief. The thick backing also insulates workers hard floors and vibrations. The Cushion Trax® is suitable for dry industrial environments and is recommended for indoor use only.

Recommended use for the Cushion Trax® Anti-Fatigue Mat:

Suitable for heavy duty conditions

For placement in manufacturing plants, assembly lines, packing and logistics warehouses, and commercial environments.

Cleaning tip:

Sweep regularly or dry mop the surface and the back of the mat. The surface can be damp-mopped with a mild soap/detergent.