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Ireland's widest range of bike racks delivered fast. Maximise bike storage space and create high-quality bike storage facilities. Modular and single-piece designs allow for easy installation. Get fast quotes on bike racks, bike stands and bike shelters. Call us on 01 531 2111 or email - bulk discounts are available.

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Low-profile Bike RackLow-profile Bike Rack
SKU: 757112
Moravia Low-profile Bike Rack
Sale priceFrom €203.50ex VAT
Our Best-Selling Modular Bike Storage System
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Semi Vertical Bike RackSemi Vertical Bike Rack
SKU: 899215
Pittman® Semi Vertical Bike Rack
Sale price€939.50ex VAT
Offers Secure Storage & Saves Space
Compact Bike RackCompact Bike Rack
SKU: 757151
Moravia Compact Bike Rack
Sale price€115.84ex VAT
Only 2 Fixings Points for Faster Installation
XL4 Bike RackXL4 Bike Rack
SKU: 757120
Pittman® XL4 Bike Rack
Sale price€349.50ex VAT
Compact Rack - Comes Fully Assembled
Bike Rack Wall-mountedBike Rack Wall-mounted
SKU: 757180
Pittman® Bike Rack Wall-mounted
Sale priceFrom €36.96ex VAT
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anti theft wall bike rackAnti Theft Wall Bike Rack
SKU: 712130
Pittman® Anti Theft Wall Bike Rack
Sale price€110.00ex VAT
Long Lasting Safety Sign
New York Bike RackNew York Bike Rack
SKU: 724494
Pittman® New York Bike Rack
Sale priceFrom €363.99ex VAT
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Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Bike HangerHeavy Duty Wall Mounted Bike Hanger
SKU: 712115
Pittman® Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Bike Hanger
Sale price€339.00ex VAT
Triathlon Bike RackTriathlon Bike Rack
SKU: 724493
Pittman® Triathlon Bike Rack
Sale price€284.00ex VAT
High Security Bike Rack - Single-SidedHigh Security Bike Rack - Single-Sided
SKU: 712135
Pittman® High Security Bike Rack - Single-Sided
Sale priceFrom €544.99ex VAT
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Province Bicycle RackProvince Bicycle Rack
SKU: 897405
Procity Province Bicycle Rack
Sale priceFrom €395.00ex VAT
Modern Design for Public Space Bike Storage
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High-Low Bicycle RackHigh-Low Bicycle Rack
SKU: 897654
Procity High-Low Bicycle Rack
Sale price€270.50ex VAT
High-Low Design Optimises Storage Space
Infinite Modular Cycle RackInfinite Modular Cycle Rack
SKU: 726283
Procity Infinite Modular Cycle Rack
Sale priceFrom €50.00ex VAT
Easily Extended Bike Storage with Fast Install
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Mercure Bike RackMercure Bike Rack
SKU: 897433
Procity Mercure Bike Rack
Sale priceFrom €240.00ex VAT
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Economy Bicycle RackEconomy Bicycle Rack
SKU: 897653
Procity Economy Bicycle Rack
Sale price€169.50ex VAT
Versailles Bike RackVersailles Bike Rack
SKU: 712107
Pittman Ireland Versailles Bike Rack
Sale priceFrom €850.00ex VAT
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5-Head Wall Bike Rack5-Head Wall Bike Rack
SKU: 712105
Pittman® 5-Head Wall Bike Rack
Sale priceFrom €363.00ex VAT
Zinc Plated Steel for Reduced Risk of Rusting
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HiLo Compact Bike RackHiLo Compact Bike Rack
SKU: 712111
Pittman® HiLo Compact Bike Rack
Sale price€360.00ex VAT
Benito Mey Bike RackBenito Mey Bike Rack
SKU: 713674
Benito Benito Mey Bike Rack
Sheffield Cycle Stand - Galvanised - Surface MountSheffield Cycle Stand - Galvanised - Surface Mount
SKU: 757130
Pittman® Sheffield Cycle Stand - Galvanised - Surface Mount
Sale price€79.50ex VAT
Unique Large Baseplates Mean Unrivalled Stability
Sheffield Cycle Stand - Galvanised - Sub-Surface MountSheffield Cycle Stand - Galvanised - Sub-Surface Mount
SKU: 757131
Pittman® Sheffield Cycle Stand - Galvanised - Sub-Surface Mount
Sale price€69.50ex VAT
E-Bike Cycle StandE-Bike Cycle Stand
SKU: 750471
Pittman® E-Bike Cycle Stand
Sale price€599.00ex VAT
Stainless Steel Sheffield Cycle Stand
SKU: 895845
Pittman Ireland Sheffield Cycle Stand - Stainless Steel 304 - Surface Mount
Sale price€163.00ex VAT
Sheffield Cycle Stand - Stainless Steel 304 - Sub-SurfaceSheffield Cycle Stand - Stainless Steel 304 - Sub-Surface
SKU: 895840
Pittman Ireland Sheffield Cycle Stand - Stainless Steel 304 - Sub-Surface
Sale price€134.50ex VAT
Attractive Bike Parking for Public Spaces

Choose Pittman for fast delivery on the best bike racks. Our bike rack and bicycle stand range includes, vertical bike racks, free standing bike racks and more.

At Pittman we are the bike storage and bicycle parking experts - call our team today for first class bike rack advice.

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What are bike racks used for?

Bike racks are used to safely store or secure bicycles. Once installed bikes can be locked into place on the rack to deter bike theft.

Depending on the type of bicycle stand you are purchasing you may be able to lock via the wheel or frame.For example our Sheffield bike stands will allow you to lock the bike frame to the stand while the likes of our low-profile bike rack allow the wheel to be locked in place.

which bike rack is best?
Where to install bike racks?

Install bike racks where there are frequent bike users. Bike racks are perfect for schools, business premises, shopping centres and more. Bike racks can be installed to cater for large amounts of bikes.

How to install a cycle rack

  • Measure your area and ensure there is enough room for your cycle rack
  • Ensure there is enough space for bikes to enter and leave the rack
  • Mark the cycle rack drill points
  • Drill pilot holes for each drill point
  • Once holes are drilled fix the rack into posiition and tighten fully

    Benefits of a cycle rack

    • Store multiple bikes at once
    • Permanent or temporary bike storage solution
    • Organise bike storage areas instantly
    • Deters bike theft
    • Encourages bike use - ideal for schools and businesses

      What bike rack is best?

      The best bike rack depends on your needs. One of our newest bike racks is the Versailles Bike Rack - this ornamental style cycle rack allows for storage of up to 5 bikes at a time and has a stylish design that is suitable for public areas and business premises.

      high quality bike rack

      For a ground mounted cycle rack our Low-Profile Bike Rack provides bike storage from 2 up to 6 bikes at a time. These steel bike racks are delivered flat packed for easy self install on site and are made from hot-dip galvanised steel for excellent durability outdoors where they will remain rust-free for life. Installing low profile bikeracks end on end to each other can help you maximise storage space in your area.

      If you really need to maximise space, especially in an indoor area, you may need the Velo-Up Regular Two Tier Bike Rack. These highly effective bike storage products allow for bikes to be stored on two levels, helping you to maximise space as long as the area headroom exists.