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Ireland's Site Safety Experts - See Our Full Range of Stock Items Delivered Fast

Choose Pittman for the widest range of site safety products delivered fast from our Irish warehouse. The Armorgard range of steel storage boxes, transport carts and workstations provide the ultimate protection for site equipment with easy transport to and from site. See the full range of Chapter 8 barriers and cones to boost pedestrian safety on open groundworks. Protect ground and boost employee grip with a full range of ground protection mats and roof mats delivered fast. Need advice on site safety? Call our experts on 01 531 2111 or email for fast quotations.

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JSP Navigator® Safety BarrierJSP Navigator® Safety Barrier
SKU: 724577
JSP JSP Navigator® Safety Barrier
Sale priceFrom €69.00ex VAT
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Shore+ Trench BridgeShore+ Trench Bridge
SKU: 821274
Pittman® Shore+ Trench Bridge
GS6 Height Restriction Kit – Crossbar and Metro Block Bases – Kit No 1
SKU: 862058
Pittman® GS6 Height Restriction Kit – Crossbar and Metro Block Bases – Kit No 1
Sale price€795.00ex VAT
Extra Long Bunting For Customisable Sizes
JSP Dominator™ Traffic Cone 1000mmJSP Dominator™ Traffic Cone 1000mm
SKU: 759040
JSP JSP Dominator™ Traffic Cone 1000mm
Sale priceFrom €24.50ex VAT
Fully Compliant - Ideal for Road Maintenance
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Armorgard OxBox™Armorgard OxBox™
SKU: 895966
Armorgard Armorgard OxBox™
Sale priceFrom €395.00ex VAT
Armorgards Most Affordable Steel Storage Box
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Crossgrip Roof Walkway Anti-Slip MattingCrossgrip Roof Walkway Anti-Slip Matting
SKU: 730100
Pittman® Crossgrip Roof Walkway Anti-Slip Matting
Sale priceFrom €679.50ex VAT
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JSP Navigator™ Traffic Cone 750mmJSP Navigator™ Traffic Cone 750mm
SKU: 759041
JSP JSP Navigator™ Traffic Cone 750mm
Sale priceFrom €16.95ex VAT
Our Best-Selling Traffic Cone - Hundreds in Stock
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Armorgard Tuffbank™Armorgard Tuffbank™
SKU: 895917
Armorgard Armorgard Tuffbank™
Sale priceFrom €505.00ex VAT
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Armorgard Barricade BAR1 ExampleArmorgard Barricade BAR1 On Site
SKU: 896061
Armorgard Armorgard Barricade™
Sale price€315.00ex VAT
BarroBox Steel Storage BoxArmorgard BarroBox™
SKU: 896060
Armorgard Armorgard BarroBox™
Sale price€1,105.00ex VAT
Armorgard BeamKart™ BK1Armorgard BeamKart™ In Use
SKU: 896053
Armorgard Armorgard BeamKart™
Sale priceFrom €395.00ex VAT
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Armorgard BundleRack™Armorgard BundleRack™
SKU: 896051
Armorgard Armorgard BundleRack™
Sale price€1,225.00ex VAT
Armorgard CuttingCube CC200Armorgard CuttingCube CC200 Being Used
SKU: 746532
Armorgard Armorgard CuttingCube™
Sale price€8,950.00ex VAT
Armorgard CuttingStation SS7 Armorgard CuttingStation In Situ
SKU: 899193
Armorgard Armorgard CuttingStation™
Sale priceFrom €3,590.00ex VAT
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Armorgard FittingStor™Armorgard FittingStor™
SKU: 896027
Armorgard Armorgard FittingStor™
Sale priceFrom €1,285.00ex VAT
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Armorgard FlamBank™Armorgard FlamBank™
SKU: 896034
Armorgard Armorgard FlamBank™
Sale priceFrom €725.00ex VAT
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Armorgard FlamStor Cabinet™Armorgard FlamStor Cabinet™
SKU: 896012
Armorgard Armorgard FlamStor Cabinet™
Sale priceFrom €775.00ex VAT
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Armorgard FlexiKart™Armorgard FlexiKart™
SKU: 737254
Armorgard Armorgard FlexiKart™
Sale price€915.00ex VAT
Armorgard Forma-Shelta™Armorgard Forma-Shelta™
SKU: 737255
Armorgard Armorgard Forma-Shelta™
Sale price€4,539.00ex VAT
Armorgard Forma-Stor™Armorgard Forma-Stor™
SKU: 899198
Armorgard Armorgard Forma-Stor™
Sale priceFrom €2,960.00ex VAT
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Armorgard Instagate IG4 Opened OutArmorgard Instagate Warehouse Management
SKU: 727500
Armorgard Armorgard Instagate™
Sale priceFrom €1,085.00ex VAT
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Armorgard LoadAll LA750Armorgard Load All LA1500 On Site
SKU: 895970
Armorgard Armorgard LoadAll™
Sale priceFrom €665.00ex VAT
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Armorgard Pipe Rack PR1Armorgard Pipe Rack PR1 Used On Site
SKU: 895960
Armorgard Armorgard PipeRack™
Sale priceFrom €2,033.56ex VAT
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Armorgard Pipestor™Armorgard Pipestor™
SKU: 895956
Armorgard Armorgard Pipestor™
Sale priceFrom €1,325.00ex VAT
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Choose Pittman for Ireland's widest range of site safety equipment for your next project. Get fast delivery on stock items including safety barriers, site storage, construction site matting and more. Use site safety equipment to instantly boost site safety and reduce the risk of workplace accidents. 

What site safety equipment is needed on site?

Some site safety equipment that Pittman provide includes - 

  • Safety barriers and Chapter 8 barriers - designed to be used in the toughest environments. Ideal for separating pedestrians from work vehicles, machinery or open groundworks. 
  • Trench bridges - steel bridges that are placed on open groundworks and trenches allowing pedestrians to cross safety.
  • Height restriction barriers - the GS6 height restriction kits include telescopic poles, bases and bunting in order to create temporary height restriction on sites. Deter large vehicles from entering into particular areas on site and demarcate overhead obstacles. 
  • Site safety boxes and tool storage boxes - PIttman are proud supplies of the full Armorgard range. Armorgard products are ideal for storing equipment and transporting it to and from site with ease. See the full range of Armorgard storage boxes designed for vans, trucks and on-site storage, as well as material cutting stations, transport carts, containers and more.
  • Traffic cones - the work crews favourite. Cones are stackable and trasnportable and perfectly suited to temporary works. Use over and over again and easily store when not in use. Bulk discounts available.
  • Construction site matting - see the full range of construction site mats suited for the harshest of areas. Call us for more information on our range of roof mats, ground protection mats, anti-slip mats and construction site mats.


site safety equipment


The JSP Navigator safety barrier provides a high-quality barrier option with excellent reusability for project after project. The barriers are made with a long-lasting blow-moulded HDPE design with excellent resistance against weathering outdoors.  The stackable nature of the barriers allows for easy transport to and from site in trucks or vans. The Navigator is also Chapter 8 compliant and comes with anti-trip feet to reduce trips on site. 


The Shore+ trench bridges are made with high-quality steel barriers and aluminium checkerplates for excellent pedestrian grip. Install them across open groundworks and trenches to maintain access during projects. Each trench bridge can be folded down for easier transport.


The Armorgard Tuffbank provides excellent storage for tools and equipment on site. The steel boxes are made from 2mm and 3mm thick steel and are fitted with 5-lever deadlocks for high-security protection. Choose from up to 8 versatile box sizes, with options available for vans, trucks and site storage.  
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