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The Terminal Expandable Barrier

GHP Portable BarrierGHP Portable Barrier
SKU: 727320
Pittman® GHP Portable Barrier
Sale price€279.50ex VAT
High Maneuverability; Expands Fully to 3.85m
Terminal Expandable BarrierTerminal Expandable Barrier
SKU: 763656
Pittman® Terminal Expandable Barrier
Sale price€99.50ex VAT
Mobile Barrier for Deterring Entry Indoors
Ultra Expandable BarrierUltra Portable Barrier
SKU: 763657
Pittman® Ultra Portable Barrier
Sale price€159.50ex VAT
Armorgard Instagate IG4 Opened OutArmorgard Instagate Warehouse Management
SKU: 727500
Armorgard Armorgard Instagate™
Sale priceFrom €1,085.00ex VAT
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Steel Expandable BarrierSteel Expandable Barrier
SKU: 725720
Pittman® Steel Expandable Barrier
Sale price€129.50ex VAT
Deter Pedestrian Entry Over Wide Distances
Armorgard Barricade BAR1 ExampleArmorgard Barricade BAR1 On Site
SKU: 896061
Armorgard Armorgard Barricade™
Sale price€315.00ex VAT
FlexPro 110 Expandable BarrierFlexPro 110 Expandable Barrier
SKU: 712126
Queue Solutions FlexPro 110 Expandable Barrier
Sale price€158.00ex VAT
FlexPro 160 Expandable BarrierFlexPro 160 Expandable Barrier
SKU: 712127
Queue Solutions FlexPro 160 Expandable Barrier
Sale price€216.00ex VAT
JSP Titan® Expanding BarrierJSP Titan® Expanding Barrier
SKU: 899477
JSP JSP Titan® Expanding Barrier
Sale price€199.50ex VAT
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Extendible Trellis Barrier - SteelExtendible Trellis Barrier - Steel
SKU: 752790
Moravia Extendible Trellis Barrier - Steel
Sale priceFrom €207.00ex VAT
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WallMaster Screw-On Retractable Belt BarrierWallMaster Screw-On Retractable Belt Barrier
SKU: 782219
Queue Solutions WallMaster Screw-On Retractable Belt Barrier
Sale priceFrom €54.50ex VAT
Versatile Belt Barriers For Professional Spaces
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WallMaster Magnetic Retractable Belt BarrierWallMaster Magnetic Retractable Belt Barrier
SKU: 782220
Queue Solutions WallMaster Magnetic Retractable Belt Barrier
Sale priceFrom €84.50ex VAT
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Retractable Cone BarRetractable Cone Bar
SKU: 862212
Pittman® Retractable Cone Bar
Sale price€11.50ex VAT
Combine with Cones for Low-Cost Barrier Systems
Traffic Cone and Cone Bar SetTraffic Cone and Cone Bar Set
SKU: 727185
Pittman® Traffic Cone and Cone Bar Set
Sale price€263.50ex VAT
Set Up a 19.8 Metre Barrier in Minutes
MultiMax™ Chain PostsMultiMax™ Chain Posts
SKU: 862198
Pittman® MultiMax™ Chain Posts
Sale price€199.00ex VAT
Extreme Durability - Highly Resistant to Vehicles
Guarda Chain Post SetGuarda Chain Post Set
SKU: 752705
Moravia Guarda Chain Post Set
Sale priceFrom €106.00ex VAT
Lightweight Chain Barriers with 10m of Chain
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JSP Navigator® Safety BarrierJSP Navigator® Safety Barrier
SKU: 724577
JSP JSP Navigator® Safety Barrier
Sale priceFrom €69.00ex VAT
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JSP Portagate Manhole BarrierJSP Portagate Manhole Barrier
SKU: 762153
JSP JSP Portagate Manhole Barrier
Sale priceFrom €89.50ex VAT
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JSP Alphabloc® Water Filled BarrierJSP Alphabloc® Water Filled Barrier
Clearance 64% off
SKU: 899480
JSP JSP Alphabloc® Water Filled Barrier
Sale price€20.00 Regular price€55.50ex VAT
Special Clearance Price - Order While Stocks Last
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MegaMax Chain Post SetMegaMax Chain Post Set
SKU: 762140
Pittman® MegaMax Chain Post Set
Sale price€269.00ex VAT

At Pittman we are proud to provide a number of extendable barrier and concertina barrier options, suitable for many environments and uses across the board. In our large range of barriers, we also have excellent expandable barrier options that can be deployed to site instantly, providing you with an instant means of closing off an area or creating laneways in a flash.

Choose Pittman Traffic and Safety Equipment for the best expandable barrier options on the market.

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What is an expandable barrier used for?

Expandable barriers are used to close off large areas where they can expand to deter access or deny entry where needed.

Where barriers can close off an area nicely they may be limited in terms of mobility where it matters. An expandable barrier is perfect in these instances. Because they are highly mobile they can be moved where needed in an instant and provide protection and safety quickly. What’s more, expandable barriers can be extended out to cover a wider area from left to right, making them suitable for construction work, maintenance, school corridors, airports and many more.

A barrier such as the Ultra Expanding Barrier is one of the most popular options among our customers and provides instant benefits from the moment it is removed from the box.

These tough portable barriers can extend up to 2.2 metres in width and can help to instantly close off an area. If being used outdoors each barrier can be filled with water to help weigh it down. When not in use this expandable barrier can fold up into itself and is equipped with a carry handle that almost makes it look like a guitar case. Use the barriers as vehicle or pedestrian barriers.

accordion barrier
expanding barrier gate
Can Pittman provide a steel expandable barrier?

Yes, we have excellent steel expanding barriers to choose from. One of the best examples is our Armorgard Barricade Expandable Steel Barrier – these high-quality steel barriers are very sturdy and are made to be used in the toughest of environments. Each of these barriers can expand up to 4 metres and will block off a large area in a short space of time. To make each barrier last in outdoors each one has been powder coated and has an anti-corrosive undercoat.

Another prime example is our FlexPro 160 Expandable Barrier - again made with highly durable steel these barriers can extend out to out a massive 4800mm, ideal for closing off large areas in an instant.

What are the benefits of expandable barriers?
  • Highly transportable- expandable barrier can easily fold up and transport to and from the site when needed. Easily store away or put in work vans for easy installation where needed

  • Cost-effective- expandable barriers can also cover large distances fast. Combine multiple units together to cover bigger spaces and reduce higher costs seen with other static barrier types.

  • Mobile - most expandable barrier options will include castors or wheels to move around the site with ease. Roll the barriers into place for easy use.

  • Highly visible entry deterrent - the barriers are usually highly visible to pedestrians or drivers and will certainly catch their attention while in use. Deter entry where needed. Use as indoor entry deterrents or temporary car park barriers.
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Expandable Barriers FAQ

Most expandable barriers are made from plastic or steel. Plastic expanding barriers are perfect for indoor use where they won't be blown over by wind.

Steel barriers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The stronger design allows them to work well in car parks, pedestrian entrances and more.

Expanding barriers vary in terms of the distance they can cover when fully expanded. As an example, our best-selling plastic GHP Portable Barrier can cover up to 3.85 metres when fully expanded.

Our steel FlexPro 160 Expandable Barrier can cover up to 4.8 metres per unit, with room for further attaching of more barriers as needed.

Expandable barriers can be used in various applications including:

  • Crowd control
  • Entry denial
  • Temporary pedestrian walkways
  • Warehousing
  • Construction
  • Schools
  • Maintenance and cleaning

To set up an expandable barrier simply extend the barrier to the desired length and move it into the position where needed. Some barriers come with wheels or casters for easy mobility, while others can be anchored in place.

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