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Cycle Lane Bollards
C-Max Eco Delineator PostC-Max Eco Delineator Post
SKU: 727631
Impact Recovery Systems C-Max Eco Delineator Post
Sale price€99.00ex VAT
Pittman's Best Value Flexible Bollard
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Hazard Marker Delineator BollardHazard Marker Delineator Bollard
SKU: 750115
Impact Recovery Systems Hazard Marker Delineator Bollard
Sale priceFrom €189.50ex VAT
Full 3M Hi-Vis Reflective Sheeting
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FlexBrite Flexible Bollard 1000mmFlexBrite™ Flexible Bollard 1000mm (Orange/White)
SKU: 762100
FlexBrite FlexBrite™ Flexible Bollard 1000mm (Orange/White)
Sale price€49.50ex VAT
Our Best Selling Flexbrite™ Bollard
Impact Recovery Systems Flexible Post Yellow / BlackImpact Recovery Systems Flex Post Yellow Black Fixed Base
SKU: 737410
Impact Recovery Systems Impact Recovery Systems® FLEX POST Yellow/Black
Sale priceFrom €80.00ex VAT
Highway Rated for Irish Roads
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Autobahn Reflective Flexible PostAutobahn Reflective Flexible Post
SKU: 756426
Moravia Autobahn Reflective Flexible Post
Sale priceFrom €19.50ex VAT
Long-Lasting Anti-Aging Polyethylene
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Flexbrite™ Delineator Flexible SignFlexbrite™ Delineator Flexible Sign
SKU: 762111
FlexBrite Flexbrite™ Delineator Flexible Sign
Sale price€112.50ex VAT
100% Polyurethane with High Impact Resistance
Impact Recovery Systems Omega Post Flexible BollardImpact Recovery Systems Omega Post Flexible Bollard
43% off
SKU: 750171
Impact Recovery Systems Impact Recovery Systems Omega Post Flexible Bollard
Sale price€39.50 Regular price€69.00ex VAT
Ultimate Durability - Tested to 200 Impacts at 110km/h
Impact Recovery Systems Flex PostImpact Recovery Systems FLEX POST Black/White
SKU: 737108
Impact Recovery Systems Impact Recovery Systems FLEX POST Black/White
Sale priceFrom €80.00ex VAT
Highway Rated for Irish Roads
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C-Max Delineator PostC-Max Delineator Post
SKU: 750114
Impact Recovery Systems C-Max Delineator Post
Ireland's Most Visible Flexible Bollard
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Impact Recovery Systems Flex DelineatorImpact Recovery Systems Flex Post Delineator
SKU: 737430
Impact Recovery Systems Impact Recovery Systems Flex Post Delineator
Sale priceFrom €84.50ex VAT
90mm Wide Panel - Increased Reflectivity
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Zipper® C-Max Combozipper cmax combo
SKU: 727633
Pittman® Zipper® C-Max Combo
XPT Mini Refuge IslandXPT Mini Refuge Island
SKU: 747800
XPT XPT Mini Refuge Island
Tuff Curb XLP Lane SeparatorTuff Curb XLP Lane Separator
SKU: 727624
Pittman® Tuff Curb XLP Lane Separator
Cycle Max Bollard - WhiteCycle Max Bollard - White
SKU: 727364
Impact Recovery Systems Cycle Max Bollard - White
Uno Flexi PostUno Flexi Post
SKU: 702159
Pittman® Uno Flexi Post
Sale price€39.50ex VAT
Unique Single Fixing Design - Fastest Install
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Cycle lane bollards are posts used to highlight cycle lanes to cyclists and motorists. The bollards can easily segregate vehicle and bicycle traffic. By highlighting the lanes, the cyclists can use them with increased safety and reduce the risk of accidents with cars. 

For the best possible visibility cycle lane bollards should use reflective material to ensure drivers see them. The posts will be able to delineate traffic during day or night. Once in place, they will clearly warn drivers and segregate lanes effectively. 

Flexible cycle lane bollards will bend on impact should they occur. The flexible nature reduces the risk of harm to cyclists and damage to vehicles during impact. Most bollards are robust to the point they can survive multiple hits and continue to delineate for the bike lane. Replace the bollard easily if heavy damage or general wear and tear occurs. 

bike lane bollards
bicycle lane bollards

Combine the bollards with a cycle lane separator for increased lane visibility. Install the bollards in between separator sections or, in most cases, into the lane separator itself. 

The Cycle Max Cycle Lane Delineators provide instant increased visibility at cycle lanes. The central part of the post is entirely reflective and is easily seen with vehicle headlights and in bad weather conditions. The top of the post includes a highly noticeable bicycle symbol, alerting drivers and cyclists to the bike lanes presence. If struck, the cycle bollard will bend on impact to reduce the risk of damage.

The Hazard Marker Delineator Bollard gives an excellent visual aid for lanes or directions. The bollard uses a fully reflective panel and directional arrows to guide drivers to the correct lanes. In addition, custom graphics are available to suit custom project requirements.

The C-Max Delineator Post is 60% covered in reflective sheeting. These highly visible bollards provide one of the most robust cycle lane bollard options. Additionally, the anti-twist spring offers unrivalled durability and performance while in use. The C-Max is TSRGD compliant and is suitable for use on Irish roads.

Benefits of cycle lane bollards on Irish roads
  • Protect cyclists from harm - by highlighting cycle lanes drivers will be less likely to collide with cyclists. The bollards will separate the lanes and help to keep cyclists and vehicles away from each other as much as possible.
  • Delineate roads for drivers - delineating the roads helps drivers to understand where they need to go. Cycle lane bollards can direct cyclists and drivers while also highlighting junctions.
  • Cost-effective lane marking - cycle lane bollards remain the most cost-effective means for delineating bike lanes on Irish roads. Bollards can be easily placed along popular cycle routes at a much lower cost compared to concrete separators.
  • Easily replaced if damaged - single bollards are much easier to replace when damaged. Most cycle lane bollards will withstand several hits from vehicles. However, in the instance they break they can simply be removed and replaced instantly.
Cycle Lane Bollards FAQ

Cycle lane bollards can be used on any public cycle track or cycleway. The bollards aim to create safer, more accessible cycling facilities in towns and cities.

Most bike lane bollards are made from plastic to ensure there is minimum impact damage to vehicles or bicycles. Plastic bike lane bollards are the most-cost effective option for public roads and can be easily replaced if damaged.

Cycle lane wands are designed to allow cyclists to move freely through cities and towns while deterring vehicle entry. When properly implemented cycle lane wands can protect cyclists while still allowing regular traffic flow in streets and roads.

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