Pittman™ 50mm Speed Bump Kit

Size: 2.35M wide
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Our Best-Selling Speed Bump for Light Traffic

In Stock: Delivery 1 - 2 Days

  • Suited to light car traffic
  • Slows cars to approximately 15km/h
  • Kits contain mid-sections, end-caps and fixings
  • Large stocks mean FAST delivery
  • Cats eyes reflectors for increased visibility
  • Moulded yellow pigment - better quality
  • 16mm drillbit required for install - not included
  • For heavy HGV use try our XPT-50 speed bump kit 50mm
Bolts included
Easy Installation
Rated at 10mp/h
High Visibility
Bolt Down

Product Specifications:

  • Drive Over Depth: 350mm
  • Length (Individual sections): 500mm (Mid-section), 175mm (End-cap)
  • Height: 50mm
  • Material: Synthetic Recycled Rubber

    The Pittman™ 50mm Speed Bump Kit is the ideal solution for effectively reducing vehicle speeds to 15km/h. This versatile kit is particularly well-suited for use in various settings, such as hotels, schools, and locations with minimal heavy goods vehicle (HGV) traffic. It serves as an exceptional traffic safety measure, offering ease of installation and immediate advantages.

    With the speed ramp kit, you receive all the essential parts required for the installation of your speed bump. All that's needed is an electric drill for the setup. All kits include mid-sections, end-caps and fixing sets. The 50mm height of the speed bump ensures effective traffic speed reduction without causing unnecessary disruption to drivers.

    The Pittman speed bump kit is crafted from high-quality synthetic recycled rubber, making it perfect for areas with substantial car traffic. The kit includes alternating sections in bright yellow and black, enhancing visibility. Unlike asphalt speed bumps, these rubber sections do not fade and can be driven over immediately after installation.

    Pittman® 50mm Speed Bump Kit FAQ

    The Pittman® 50mm Speed Bump can be used with low volumes of HGVs, cars and vans. We do not recommend this speed bump for areas with frequent HGV traffic.

    For frequent HGV traffic we recommend the XPT-50 50mm speed bump kit.

    The Pittman® 50mm speed bump will reduce traffic to approximately 15km/h.

    The Pittman® speed bump requires 4no. M10 x 1110mm coachscrews per mid-section and 2no. per end-cap. Fixings are included with all kit sizes.

    To install with these fixings you will need a 16mm SDS drillbit - these are not included with order.

    No, the ramp sections are not painted. They are moulded with yellow pigment instead for better colour retention over time.

    Each speed bump mid-section includes 4no. cat eye reflectors, 2no. on each side. This will boost visibility in darker conditions in multi-storey car parks or in bad weather conditions.

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