Ireland's Best Range of Anti Fatigue Mats, Rubber Mats and Specialist Mats

Get fast delivery on a wide range of mats made for professional use. High quality anti-fatigue mats can reduce employee fatigue and boost productivity. Install rubber matting to boost grip and reduce the risk of slips and falls in the workplace. Professional entrance mats can control dust and dirt in your premises and can help to reduce cleaning costs. Call our mat experts on 01 531 2777 or email

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GHP Rubber MatGHP Rubber Mat
SKU: 712101
Pittman® GHP Rubber Mat
Sale price€49.50ex VAT
Our Best Selling Multi-Purpose Mat Delivered Fast
Ground Protection MatsEuromat Ground Protection Mat
SKU: 705100
Pittman® Euromat Ground Protection Mat
Sale price€252.00ex VAT
Crossgrip Roof Walkway Anti-Slip MattingCrossgrip Roof Walkway Anti-Slip Matting
SKU: 730100
Pittman® Crossgrip Roof Walkway Anti-Slip Matting
Sale priceFrom €679.50ex VAT
Countours to Roof Structures and Stable up to 60mph winds
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EASI Rubber Grass MattingEASI Rubber Grass Matting
SKU: 863716
Pittman® EASI Rubber Grass Matting
Sale price€29.50ex VAT
Our Best Selling Grass Mat at Ireland's Best Price
Guzzler Indoor Mat Guzzler Indoor Mat in Reception
SKU: 860312
Notrax Guzzler™ Entrance Mat
Sale priceFrom €74.95ex VAT
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Chek Pro Hi-Viz Anti Slip MatChek Pro Hi-Viz Anti Slip Mat
SKU: 898996
Pittman® Chek Pro Hi-Viz Anti Slip Mat
Sale priceFrom €279.00ex VAT
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Sof-Tred® Plus Anti-Fatigue Mat RollSof-Tred® Plus Anti-Fatigue Mat Workstation
SKU: 860970
Notrax Sof-Tred Plus™ Anti-Fatigue Mat
Sale priceFrom €34.50ex VAT
Reduce Employee Fatigue at Indoor Workstations
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Logo Standard™ Entrance MatLogo Standard™ Entrance Mat
SKU: 899048
Notrax Logo Standard™ Entrance Mat
Sale priceFrom €99.00ex VAT
Tailored Logo Mat To Suit Your Brand
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HogHeaven Anti-Fatigue MatHogHeaven Anti-Fatigue Mat
SKU: 900582
Pittman® HogHeaven Anti-Fatigue Mat
Sale priceFrom €115.00ex VAT
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Cushion Trax® Anti-Fatigue Mat Black/YellowCushion Trax® Anti-Fatigue Mat In Use
SKU: 722015
Notrax Cushion Trax® Anti-Fatigue Mat
Sale priceFrom €62.50ex VAT
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Superflow® XT Anti-Slip Mat Ful lMatSuperflow® XT Anti-Slip Mat In Use
SKU: 899696
Notrax Superflow® XT Anti-Slip Mat
Sale priceFrom €34.50ex VAT
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Anti-slip Swimming Pool Mat - SoftStepAnti-slip Swimming Pool Mat - SoftStep
SKU: 861128
Notrax Anti-slip Swimming Pool Mat - SoftStep
Sale priceFrom €0.55ex VAT
Anti Microbial Treated - Prevents Growth of Bacteria
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Sani-Trax Entrance Disinfectant MatSani-Trax Entrance Disinfectant Mat
SKU: 721451
Notrax Sani-Trax Entrance Disinfectant Mat
Sale price€49.50ex VAT
Holds up to 4.5 Litres of Disinfectant Solution
Spaghetti Site Safety MatSpaghetti Site Safety Mat
SKU: 748049
Pittman® Spaghetti Site Safety Mat
Sale price€659.00ex VAT
Skywalker II PUR ESD Spec SheetSkywalker® II PUR ESD Anti-fatigue Mat
SKU: 861037
Notrax Skywalker® II PUR ESD Anti-fatigue Mat
Sale priceFrom €110.50ex VAT
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Safety Stance Solid™ Anti-Fatigue Mat Full MatSafety Stance Solid™ Anti-Fatigue Mat At Workstation
SKU: 861264
Notrax Safety Stance Solid™ Anti-Fatigue Mat
Sale priceFrom €198.50ex VAT
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Skywalker PUR ESD Anti-fatigue MatSkywalker® PUR ESD Anti-Fatigue Mat
SKU: 861030
Notrax Skywalker® PUR ESD Anti-Fatigue Mat
Sale priceFrom €105.50ex VAT
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Skywalker HD Anti-fatigue TileSkywalker HD Anti-fatigue Tile Walkway
SKU: 861054
Notrax Skywalker HD™ Anti-Fatigue Tile
Sale priceFrom €56.50ex VAT
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Sof-Tred Anti-Fatigue Mat Black/YellowSof-Tred Anti-Fatigue Mat Black
SKU: 721628
Notrax Sof-Tred™ Anti-Fatigue Mat
Sale priceFrom €27.50ex VAT
Light Duty Mat With Great Traction
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Vynagrip Anti Slip MatVynagrip Anti Slip Mat
SKU: 730110
Pittman Ireland Vynagrip Anti Slip Mat
Sale priceFrom €379.50ex VAT
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Gripwalker™ Lite Swimming Pool Mat - BlueGripwalker™ Lite Swimming Pool Mat - Changing Room
SKU: 861156
Notrax Gripwalker™ Lite Swimming Pool Mat
Sale priceFrom €101.50ex VAT
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Diamond Flex Lok™ Anti-Fatigue Mat Interlocking ComponentsDiamond Flex Lok™ Anti-Fatigue Mat In Use
SKU: 722381
Notrax Diamond Flex Lok™ Anti-Fatigue Mat
Sale priceFrom €6.50ex VAT
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Dots 'n' Roll™ Rubber MatDots 'n' Roll™ Rubber Mat
SKU: 748054
Notrax Dots 'n' Roll™ Rubber Mat
Sale priceFrom €50.00ex VAT
Multi-Directional, Anti-Slip Indoor Mat
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Array Grass MattingArray Grass Matting
SKU: 863715
Pittman® Array Grass Matting
Sale price€770.00ex VAT

Use mats for a variety of purposes around the workplace. Depending on your matting requirement there will be a mat type to meed your need. Mats come in many shapes, sizes and designs. Depending on your need you can purchase mats to

  • Reduce the spread of dirt and debris indoors
  • Provide anti fatigue properties to employees and reduce limb tiredness
  • Reduce the risk of slips and falls in the workplace
  • Protect the ground from impact damage from heavy equipment
  • Disinfect pedestrian shoes upon entry to your building
  • Reduce the risk of electrostatic shock to equipment and employees
  • Provide a highly noticable branding tool for events and storefronts


    Anti-fatigue mats are specially designed workplace mats that help reduce fatigue for workers who stand for long periods. It’s scientifically proven that standing for long periods of time at work can cause lower limb disorders including plantar fasciitis, resulting in pain in the heel and the bottom of the foot. Anti-fatigue mats will combat this workplace hazard resulting in better health, better comfort and therefore increased productivity.

    Anti-fatigue mats work by providing a cushioned effect while standing. This results in better blood circulation in your lower limbs which will reduce leg and foot tiredness. There is also a thermal insulation effect which combats cold coming up from concrete floors. An added benefit of many of our anti-fatigue mats is that they can also provide an anti-slip surface which gives better grip, resulting in less trips and falls at work.

    Tested to numerous ASTM standard, our entrance mats are the well proven professional choice giving years of dependable service. Our partners in Notrax have an unrivalled range of high quality entrance mats in a wide selection of sizes – so we can supply you with the right quality mat at the optimum size for your entrance. Entrance mats reduce the spread of dirt and debris to indoor environments. Entrance mats are an economic option for workplace cleanliness and can even help to reduce expensive cleaning costs.

    Choose from our selection of mats with high absorbency or intense scraping action to boost the safety and appearance of your workplace, leisure or industrial facility. Many of our customers include private individuals who want a long-lasting professional grade mat for their home or garage.



    Interlocking floor mats provide an economic option for covering warehouse floors fast. The interlocking flooring can cover large spaces easily and can help you customise your layout on site. Use interlocking floor mats where you may need to have matting around pre-installed machinery or instrastructure.

    Use rubber mats to reduce the risk of slips and falls in the workplace. The rubber design helps pedestrian shoes to grip to the mat. They may also be used in the likes of kitchen and food processing environments.

    When you have outdoor events you may require matting for grass. Grass mats have two main features in that they provide grip to pedestrians and protected the grass from heavy damage. Grass matting is perfect for outdoor events, shows, garden centres and more.

    For a heavier duty option in your warehouse or building site consider ground protection mats. These heavy duty mats protect the ground from impact damage and are commonly used in areas with machinery in use.

    safety mats

    Standing desks have become commonplace in business offices. By providing standing desk mats employees can stand for long periods with more comfort. This helps to keep them refreshed and productive during a workday.

    Anti Slip Mats reduce the risk of slps and falls. Ideal for use in many places including packing areas, assembly lines, front of house counters, kitchens and more. Having non slip mats in place reduces the risk of injury and protects employees from harm.

    The ever popular logo mats provide an excellent branding tool for your company. These mats allow for your own logo or branding to be printed onto them. Use for a great first impression on entrance to your business or at events.

    Swarf mats help with collecting swarf in workshops and manufacturing areas. These thick mats use the holes in the surface to allow swarf to fall through and prevents it from gathering on the surface.

    If you hygiene is of the utmost importance then you may need tacky mats. These sticky mats peel dirt and debris from shoes from the moment they are walked on. Once the mat is used up the top layer can be peeled away to provide a fresh new tacky mat layer.

    Maintain hygiene on in locker rooms and shower facilities with swimming pool mats. These mats are designed to have anti microbial properties for better overall hygiene in swiming pools and community centres.