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FED Security Padlock
SKU: 751181
Pittman® FED Security Padlock
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Are you searching for padlocks? Then you have come to the right place. The FED Security Padlock is extremely durable and will withstand cutting, sawing, prying and hammer attacks. The solid steel body ensures that you do not have to worry about people removing it. The FED security padlock is a popular choice throughout Ireland. Next on the list is this plastic armoured lock has an aluminium body with brass locking mechanism. The double locking shackle has deep shoulder to maximise security. The lock includes 3 steel keys. Next on the list is the Security Padlock’s solid steel body and brass locking cylinder makes this lock extremely strong. The lock comes with a protective chrome plated brass ring in the base and chrome plated hardened shackle. Next on the list is an Disc Padlock 90mm is a stainless steel lock with hardened shackle. It comes with a brass locking cylinder. This and other such products are available on Pittman’s traffic and safety equipment website.