24 Inch Screw Band Buckle and Universal Channel Clamp

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110mm Coachscrews - Set of 8
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Pittman® 110mm Coachscrews - Set of 8
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Easily Install Signs Onto Wider Sign Poles

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  • Fits poles up to 218mm in diameter
  • Stainless steel design - highly durable
  • Includes screwband and channel clamp
  • Easy installation with channelised aluminium signs
  • Flip-over buckle - easily release to reuse
  • Tightens into place as clamp secures against sign
Anti Rust
Easy Installation
Professional Use
Shatter resistant

This Screwband Buckle will fit most poles, it is fully adjustable so you can ensure a secure fit. The Screwband Buckle will allow you to re-use it when you want to change or remove the sign in question.

High quality grade 201 stainless steel. Special feature is the flip-over worm upon release completely reusable. The Universal Channel Clamps is a two piece design with a saddle that slides into the channel.

The Universal Channel Clamp will fit any aluminum sign on our website for pole-mounting only.
It will accept all bands up to 3/4" (19mm).  As the band tightens, the saddle clamps tightly against the channel holding the sign securely in place.