50mm Premium Speed Ramp Centre Section (Yellow)

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High Quality PVC Mid-Section

Delivery: Normally 2 - 4 Days

  • Made from high quality PVC and recycled materials
  • Max load up to 40 tonnes
  • Suitable for HGV traffic
  • 50mm high
  • Slows traffic to 15km per hour
  • Integrated reflectors
Bolt Down
Easy Installation
Rated at 15km/h

Product Specifications

  • Weight 8kg
  • Width 500mm
  • Length(distance you drive over) 420mm
  • Height 50mm
  • Channel for wires: 30x25mm Ø

Premium Speed Ramp Sections are ideal for replacing damaged sections from the complete kit. It’s great for areas with a lot of truck and HGV use. It fits in perfectly against our other premium mid sections and end caps, allowing you to easily maintain your speed ramp.

The Premium Speed Ramp Section has embedded cat’s eyes that make it simple to see bad lighting. 4no. pre-drilled holes allow for easy installation of the sections.