75mm Premium Speed Ramp Center Section (Yellow)

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75mm Speed Ramps will draw complaints in areas with heavy traffic. They should only be used where it’s 100% necessary for cars to slow down to a crawl. For areas where you need to calm traffic regularly, we’d recommend a speed bump with a lower gradient

The Yellow 75mm Speed Ramp Section is great for replacing damaged sections of your Compete Speed Ramp, or extending current ramps if needs be. However the 75mm Ramp should only be used where you want the vehicle to nearly stop, as the bump is extremely severe.

  • Extremely tough speed ramp - suitable for car traffic in areas where there is an immediate danger to pedestrians
  • Extremely severe bump, forcing cars to crawl over the ramp. Excellent for use where you may need to video tape licence plates
  • Simple to install with 4 pre-drilled holes making it simple to bolt down
Bolt Down
Easy Installation
Rated at 5mp/h

The severe Yellow 75mm Speed Ramp Section is used where you need cars to come to almost a complete halt when going over the ramp. It’s very severe, and we recommend the alternative 50mm Speed Ramp as an alternative if you simply want to increase safety in the area. The mid-section is extremely robust, with tests using 40 tonne trucks showing the ramp can last up to 2 years with regular traffic before needing replacements.

The mid-sections come with cats eyes embedded into the ramp, allowing motorists to see the ramp in bad lighting. Channels also run under the speed ramp allowing you to run 25mm ø cables under the ramp.

Product Specifications

  • Width 500mm
  • Length (distance you drive over) 420mm
  • Height 75mm
  • Channel for wires: 30x25mm ø