Armorgard Tuffbank™

Size: Van Box TB1 - 950(W) x 510(D) x 460(H)mm
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Armorgards Strongest Steel Storage Box - For Ultimate Protection

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  • Made from 2mm and 3mm robust steel
  • Fitted with keyed alike 5-lever deadlocks
  • Unique internal and external anti-jemmy system
  • Hydraulic gas arms for easy access
  • Available in 8 versatile sizes
  • Some sizes ideal for fixing in vans and trucks
  • Can be fitted with forklift skids or castors
  • Optional PowerShelf - call our sales team
  • Optional SlamStop struts to reduce slamming

Note: Forklift skids and castors not available for 895917 and 895916

Anti Rust
Easy Installation
Professional Use
Heavy Duty
Anti-Theft Device


The TuffBank Steel Storage Box is an ideal product for storing important tools and equipment when needed most. The TuffBanks secure design will help to deter theft of important items.

Each box is made from a high grade 6mm thick steel that is powder-coated grey to suit many different environments. Each Armorgard Tuffbank box is fitted with keyed-alike 5-lever deadlocks that help to keep items safe at all times.

The steel box is fitted with highly effective gas-assist arms that allow for quick and easy closure of the box at all times. Available in 8 different sizes these steel storage boxes are perfect for use in vans, trucks or on buildings.

Depending on which size you choose these steel storage boxes can be fitted with added forklift skids for easy transport around building sites or castors for moving the boxes easily on solid ground.


Model External Dimensions Internal Dimensions Weight
950(w) x 510(d) x 460(h)mm 860(w) x 395(d) x 450(h)mm 50kg
1150(w) x 495(d) x 460(h)mm 1060(w) x 420(d) x 450(h)mm 58kg
760(w) x 615(d) x 640(h)mm 670(w) x 540(d) x 545(h)mm 60kg
1150(w) x 615(d) x 640(h)mm 1060(w) x 540(d) x 540(h)mm 80kg
1150(w) x 615(d) x 930(h)mm 1060(w) x 540(d) x 835(h)mm 97kg
1150(w) x 615(d) x 1265(h)mm 1060(w) x 540(d) x 1170(h)mm 127kg
TBC5 1525(w) x 615(d) x 1265(h)mm 1435(w) x 540(d) x 1170(h)mm 153kg
TB6 1925(w) x 615(d) x 640(h)mm 1835(w) x 540(d) x 545(h)mm 119kg