Biosecurity Anti-Bacterial Mat

Style Price Quantity
Biosecurity Mats|1m x 1.5m150 x 100 x 3cm|Disinfectant Mats|43|20L|Pack1 (713602)
€222.25ex VAT
€273.37inc VAT
Biosecurity Mats|1m x 2m200 x 100 x 10cm|Disinfectant Mats|25|30L|Pack1 (713603)
€309.75ex VAT
€380.99inc VAT
Biosecurity Mats|1m x 2.5m250 x 100 x 10cm|Disinfectant Mats|4.6|50L|Pack1 (713604)
€376.25ex VAT
€462.79inc VAT
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This hard-wearing mat is designed to disinfect foot traffic, and can be used to administer animal foot care products.

  • Reduces bacteria wherever it is placed
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • PVC coated it’s easy to clean and super-absorbent
  • Mobile and simple to attach firmly to the ground with rope or pegs
  • Smallest mat can absorb up to 20 litres

These Disinfectant Mats are hard-wearing and suitable for use in areas where livestock are present including auction markets, at farms, horticultural units, at agricultural days and events, in food manufacturing facilities and at distribution plants.

They can be attached to concrete surfaces without the need to sink a pit or well, and they’re easy to clean, move and re-use. The matting is highly absorbent, being encased in an easy to clean PVC-coated polyester envelope which is highly effective at reducing bacterial counts. Larger mats have a sump capacity of 30 and 50 litres.