Drum Racking And Dispensing Bunds

Style Price Quantity
2 Drum Cradle 12.4cm x 79.5cm x 37cm (861778)
€329.00ex VAT
€404.67inc VAT
2 Drum Bund 145cm x 131cm x 65cm (861779)
€652.00ex VAT
€801.96inc VAT
Stackable Drum Storage with 450 Litre Containment

Delivery: Normally 2 - 4 Weeks

  • 2-Drum Cradle - sits free-standing or on top of drums
  • 2-Drum Bund - includes sump at bottom to contain drum leaks
  • Easily combine together to create stacked drum storage
  • Manufactured from tough UV stabalised PE
  • Store 205L drums, 1no.  100L container or 2no. 25L containers
  • Allows for the easy dispensation of liquids
  • Can be forklifted - move easily when needed
  • Aids compliance with the Oil Storage Regulations 2001
  • Plastic drums should not be used at load bearing levels.

The 1 Drum Cradle has been developed for the horizontal storage of both 205 litre drums and smaller containers.

The drums can be located on one side of the cradle for simple and safe dispensation of liquids. The cradle is also reversible and when turned on end can be used for the storage and dispensation of liquids from smaller containers.

Manufactured from tough and durable polyethylene, it is ideal for use on sump pallets, sump work floors and bunded trolleys.


Fosse Liquitrol 2 Drum Bund| Pack of 1 | Unit

  • Sump Volume: 450 litres
  • Dimensions (mm): 1375 (l) x 1350 (w) x 635 (h)
  • Weight (kg): 50


Fosse Liquitrol 2 Drum Cradle| Pack of 1 | Unit

  • Dimensions (mm): 1375(L) x 940 (W) x 390 (H)
  • Weight (kg): 25


Fosse Liquitrol 1 Drum Cradle | Pack of 1 | Unit

  • Dimensions (mm): 875 (l) x 765 (w) x 730 (h)
  • Weight (kg): 25