Black Bull Pallet Rack Protection

Option: Right Angle
Size: 400(h) x 5mm
Trade Price
Sale price€50.95ex VAT
€62.67inc VAT
SKU: 763421
Suggested Accessories
  • Right-angle - requires 4no. fixings per unit
  • U-shaped - requires 6no. fixings per unit
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Protect Pallet Racks from Impact Damage

Delivery: Normally 5 - 7 Days

  • Protection from impacts by vehicles or machinery
  • Virtually indestructable
  • Reduces risk of costly damage to pallet racking
  • Can be bolted direcetly into concrete
  • Right-angle - requires 4 fixings
  • U-shaped - requires 6 fixings
  • Fixings not included - be sure to order separately
Professional Use
Bolt Down
High Visibility
Easy Installation
Anti Rust

Product Specifications:

  • Heights: 400mm / 800mm / 1,200mm
  • Width: 160mm
  • Gauge: 5mm and 6mm
  • Profiles: Right-angle and ‘U’ profile
  • Finish: Powder coated yellow with black striping

The Black Bull Pallet Rack Protection provides excellent protection to the likes of pallet racking, corners or columns that may be in place in warehouses and other such areas, helping to reduce or prevent damage that may occur.

These pallet rack protectors are required for fixed racking installations where industrial trucks are used (except where they are guided by rails). Black Bull Pallet Rack Protection provide the ideal solution in most situations. They can also be used to protect machinery, partition systems, rectangular columns etc.

Easy to install, these pallet rack protectors can be bolted directly into the ground and provide instant protection to nearby assets. Each unit is a powder-coated yellow to provide excellent visibility while they are in use in a workplace, with black markings for hazards or warning type design that is sure to catch the attention of nearby employees.

This rack protection comes in a right-angle version that can help to protect assets on two sides while the u-shaped profiles can protect assets on three sides.