Please Use Foot Dip Farm Safety Sign

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  • Highly visible farm safety sign that warns farm employees or visitors to wash their boots with disinfecting foot dip provided on site
  • Combines with foot dip basins to ensure high levels of biosecurity are maintained
  • Uses Highly visible blue and white colours to catch the attention of pedestrians
  • Made from Dibond, a material that is as tough and durable as aluminium but much lighter

This "Please Use Foot Dip" Farm Safety Sign is a highly visible, long lasting product that can be used on most farm areas.  The sign acts as a warning to employees or visitors on a farm to use disinfectant foot dips or baths that are provided at farm or site entrances to ensure that as much organic matter is removed as possible.  This of course helps maintain high levels of hygiene around farms and ensures that top levels of bio security are kept.

  • The 300mm x 200mm sign is made of highly durable Dibond; a material made to be as strong as aluminium yet much lighter at the same time.  Dibond also ensures that this product lasts in most conditions for at least 5 years.
  • This farm sign uses highly visible blue and white colours and a large exclamation point in order to catch the eye of employee to ensure they comply with the farm’s health code.
  • This safety sign can also be placed on any flat surface such as walls with great ease, allowing pedestrians to clearly see the sign.
  • The sign should be placed over the area where these foot dips are kept to ensure employees or other people see the sign and the foot dip together and use it and help to stop the spread of bacteria or other biological risks beyond the point in question.

Farm Safety Signs such as this one help farmers and agricultural sites to comply with safety standards that are set out to ensure the safety of employees or visitors to their premises.