Safety Statement farm safety sign

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A simple yet effective farm safety sign that highlights a farm's acquired safety statement

  • Gives a simple, clear message to inform employees and other relevant people that information on the safety statement can be obtained
  • Made from Dibond; equally strong as aluminium yet much lighter
  • Excellent for use outdoors can last for 3-5 years while in use
  • 300mm x 200mm in in size
  • This sign clearly reads - "Farm safety statement available on request"

This farm safety sign assures any individual visiting a farm that the farm itself complies with the Safety, Welfare and Health at Work Act of 2005.  The sign highlights the fact that this statement is available on request by employees who work on their farm, their families and any contractors/relief workers who may be involved on the farm.

  • This safety sign uses a simple large black font on white background.  However, this makes the important message the sign is portraying very visible to pedestrians and ensures that is seen by employees even from a distance.
  • The sign itself is made from Dibond, a material that proves to be as durable and as strong as aluminium.  However, it is also much lighter and is ideal for attaching to a wall to highlight a particular message such as this.
  • This safety sign is highly resistant to all kinds of weather conditions and can last for 3- 5 years in use
  • The sign is 300mm x 200mm in size yet provides great notice to employees or other relative people to the message at hand
  • The easy to read message aims to ensure that any visitors or employees can see that the farm safety statement can be obtained if requested
  • Safety statements are highly important for places like farms.  It is therefore equally important for the particular farm to highlight the fact that they have a safety statement in place and that they are willing to share information in this statement with workers and families of these workers
  • This sign could also be combined with other signs that highlight key danger areas to warn employees of safety issues
  • This safety sign clearly displays the message "Farm safety statement available on request", which is very easy to read and understand

This farm safety statement sign is perfect for using outdoors in farm areas and should provide use for years at a time.  Order now from Pittman Traffic and Safety Equipment for the best in farm safety signs.