Spill Trays

Size: 100 Litre
Option: With Grid
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Capture Spills to Reduce Warehouse Accidents

Delivery: Normally 2 - 3 Weeks

  • Fully recyclable material
  • Chemical resistant
  • UV-stabilised PE
  • Platform with hand inserts - easy transport
  • Holes for inspection & pump insertion
  • Non-slip platform surface
  • Can be used with/without platform
  • Stackable for economical transportation
  • Easy storage on Euro pallets
  • Easy to clean - remove residue quickly
  • Sump volume:20 litres
Easy Installation
Professional Use
High Visibility
Heavy Duty

Product Specifications: 

  100 Litre 60 Litre 40 Litre 30 Litre 20 Litre
Length 1200mm 1000mm 800mm 805mm 600mm
Width 800mm 600mm 600mm 405mm 400mm
Height 175mm 175mm 155mm 155mm 155mm
Weight 14kg 9kg 7kg 4.5kg 3kg

The Spill Tray is a lightweight and compact secondary containment product designed for so storing small drums and containers and catching minor leaks and spills. It is constructed from polyethylene so it will not corrode like a metal drip tray. It is compatible with a wide range of chemicals, making it suitable for many environments. 

Choose from a tray with or without a grid to sit the drums on. Each sump holds up to 20 litres and is easily drained. The optional grid is non-slip, ensuring the drums remain in place at all times. 

When not in use, the trays are stackable for easy storage and transportation. The fully recycled material is UV-stabilised, allowing for a long life span.