Wallclip for belt posts

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Wall Clip (752612)
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Wallclip for belt posts

Easy Installation
High Visibility
Professional Use

This wallclip for belt posts is an easy to use solution for fastening belts in the creation of a barrier. When demarcating an area, you need a sturdy clip that will hold the belt. Using the wallclip for belt posts, you ensure that areas you have cordoned off are isolated from public entry. It is easy to install, as it comes with two predrilled holes for you to insert screws into. It is ideal for areas with corridor entries or environments where you would like to install a permanent barrier that can be opened up when the need arises.

To ensure that everyone has access to such a device, Pittman has placed the wallclip for belt posts online. It is constructed from hardwearing materials, making it highly robust and resistant to pressure that it may be subjected to as a result of the belt being tugged, for instance. It will fit on most wall surfaces with ease and, once secured, it will stay in place.

Using the wallclip for belt posts is also easy as you only need to slot the belt buckle in from the top section to cordon off an area and lift it up to remove the belt. You can also clean it like you would any other fixture.

Pittman is committed to supplying accessories and features that add to the safety and security of your establishment. Our rapid delivery system ensures that you get your order days after you have purchased it.

Improve the way you regulate and secure areas by purchasing the wallclip for belt post in the UK from Pittman today.