Bike-Up Pro Twin Tower Two Tier Bike Rack

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Maximise Bike Storage Space

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  • Units come in 8, 12 or 16 bike capacities
  • Install together to create large bike parking facilities
  • Double-sided - ideal for central areas
  • Minimum ceiling height - 2520mm
  • Maximum depth required - 3600mm
  • Extendable double rack with gas springs
  • Easy pull out rail - smooth operation at all times
  • Internal gas spring - easier use for bike owners
  • Comfortable rubber handle improves grip
  • Easy install - bolt down into the ground fast
  • Front-wheel support to improve bike balance
  • Security hoop on each strut - better bike security
  • Adjustable height - customise to on-site requirements


The Bike-Up Pro Twin Tower Two Tier Bike Rack offers excellent bike storage for large facilities. The bike racks can help to optimise bike storage space and can cater for large amounts of bikes at once. Install units side by side to create bicycle docks ideal for large business premises, train stations, colleges and more. 

Each two-tier bike rack is made from galvanised steel and is resistant to rusting while used indoors or outdoors. The double-sided design means that bike racks are on both sides of the unit. Install in central areas of a bike compound to ensure access to all racks.

The struts included a gas spring - this means that the pull-out function of the struts will be extremely easy at all times. Simply pull out the racks, insert your bike, lock in place and slide back into position. The additional security hoops also offer increased security against bike theft. 

The racks can be bolted down to the ground with great ease. Install large amounts of two-tier bike racks easily and instantly save bike storage space.