Classic Outdoor Notice Board

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Waterproof Design with Wear Resistant Hinge

Delivery: Normally 5- 6 Weeks

  • Choose from 8 standard sizes
  • 58mm profile depth
  • Holds from 4no. up to 21no. A4 pages
  • Comes in 6 standard high quality colours
  • Optional wall mount or ground mounted options
  • Wear resistant hinge - hard wearing over time
  • Lockable display - tamper proof lock with hidden latch
  • Provides 100% display of sheets and documents
  • Choose from 4mm Plexichoc or safety glass
  • Waterproof - sealed to protect documents
  • Raising doors use gas struts for easy opening
  • Comes with 2 keys per unit
  • Double locks on larger models
  • Includes Procity magnets for documents
  • Ground mounted - choose from bolt down or concrete-in
Easy Installation
High Visibility
Professional Use
Bolt Down
Shatter resistant

The Classic Outdoor Notice Board provides an excellent means for displaying information. The high quality designs allow for a long lasting display of tourist informatin, restaurant menus, building information, transport schedules and more. 

The outdoor notice board is avaiable in a wall mounted or ground mounted option. The ground mounted version is also available in a bolt down format or concrete-in format. Choose the format that best suits your requirement on site.

The notice board comes in a choice of 8 standard sizes and up to 6 standard colours.

The wear resistant hinge allows for repeated use without the risk of wearing over time. The elastomer seals prevent moisture getting into the display case and causing damage to the documents. 

The raising doors utilise gas struts for easier opening and closing. Replace documents fast when you need it most. 

The hidden integral lock reduces the risk of tampering and helps to protect from vandalism. The display board front comes with an optoin of 4mm safety glass or Plexichoc material. 

What sizes do the outdoor notice boards come in?

Choose from up to 6 standard RAL colours as well as 8 sizes including - 

  • 4no. A4 750(H) x 550(W)
  • 6no. A4 750(H) x 750(W)
  • 8no. A4 830(H) x 980(W)
  • 9no. A4 1050(H) x 750(W)
  • 12no. A4 1350(H) x 750(W)
  • 16no. A4 1350(H) x 1000(W)
  • 18no. A4 1080(H) x 1330(W)
  • 21no. A4 1130(H) x 1600(W)