Procity 1000 Outdoor Notice Board 75mm

1000 Dual Door Notice Board (897131)
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Attractive Notice Displays for Streetscapes

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  • Available in 10 standard sizes - see sizes below
  • Optional Plexichoc or safety glass front
  • 100% visible display surface
  • Wear-resistant warp proof integral hinge
  • Doors easily replaced if damaged
  • Waterproof - fully sealed with an elastomer
  • Anti-condensation vents - reduces fogging
  • Lockable - tamper-proof lock with hidden latch
  • Integral gas struts for easy opening and closing
  • Choose from up to 6 standard RAL colours

The Procity 1000 Outdoor Notice Board provides an excellent means of displaying information in outdoor areas. The highly attractive outdoor notice boards are suitable to streetscapes and urban areas where they can be seen by pedestrians and tourists. 

Each notice board is made with a highly durable design for easy use in public. The hinges are wear-resistant and allow for ease of use while in use. The gas struts will allow the doors to open easily at all times. 

Choose from an optional Plexichoc or safety glass front. The Plexichoc design is highly suited to urban areas where it can provide increased protection against vandalism. The elastomer seals help to keep moisture out as much as possible while the anti-condensation vents help to reduce fogging. 

What sizes do the outdoor notice boards come in?

Choose from up to 6 standard RAL colours as well as 10 sizes including - 

  • 8no. A4 750(H) x 1200(W)
  • 8no. A4 750(H) x 1000(W)
  • 9 no.A4 1000(H) x 750(W)
  • 12 no. A4 1350(H) x 750(W)
  • 16no. A4 1350(H) x 1000(W)
  • 18no. A4 1000(H) x 1350(W)
  • 21no. A4 1000(H) x 1600(W)
  • 24no. A4 1050(H) x 1800(W)
  • 27no. A4 1000(H) x 2010(W)
  • 30no. A4 1050(H) x 2300(W)