Fluorescent Traffic Cones

Size: 350mm
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High Visibility Cones for Day and Night Use

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  • Excellent high visibility warning effect
  • One piece construction - ready to use
  • Fluorescent white stripes for high visibility
  • Not suitable for public areas or road
  • Size: 500 mm and 750 mm (h) with two white stripes
  • Size: 350 mm (h) with a single white stripe
  • Colour: orange/red and fluorescent white
Professional Use
High Visibility
Easy Installation

Product Specifications:

  • Height: 350mm / 500mm / 750mm
  • Material: PVC

The Fluorescent Traffic Cones are ideal for use on private premises and private roads. They are quickly and easily deployed to warn of hazards or to form a barrier. Manufactured in bright red-orange PVC with white fluorescent bands for good day light visibility.

These traffic cones are available in 3 different sizes and can be easily stacked and stored when not in use. Each of the cones is made from highly durable PVC, perfect for using on private roads or premises and can assist with directing traffic or deterring entry to an area.

Where the smaller 350mm size cone is fitted with one reflective strip the other sizes, 500mm and 750mm, are fitted with two reflective strips each, making them highly visible when in use.

Please note the cones do not conform to road safety standards and should not be used in public areas or on public roads.