Hand Tally Counter - Base Mounted, 4 Counters

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Keep Track of Larger Counts and Figures

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  • 4 counters in 1 - count large figures and sums
  • Bolt down plate - ideal for desk mounting
  • Each counter has its own button
  • Reset dial on side - reset 4 counters at once
  • Steel design - highly durable, professional finish
Bolt Down
Easy Installation
High Visibility

You can trust the Hand Tally Counter - Base Mounted from Pittman to deliver accuracy in counting. Tally counters have long been trusted to make the recording of amounts an effortless process. They work by allowing the user to count items or people with the simple pressing of a lever or button. The Hand Tally Counter - Base Mounted on sale from Pittman conveniently has four tally counters in place. Each tally can record amounts of up to 9999. This amount can easily be set back to zero with the use of a dial located to the right of the product.

The material of the Hand Tally Counter - Base Mounted is chrome plated steel. This not only gives it a sleek and modern aesthetic, but also translates into a product that is durable and will have a long life. This useful product can be used by retail organisations to conduct inventory counts and to keep track of incoming as well as outgoing stock at counters.  In fact, this tally system can be used in any environment where you would like to keep track of more than one item or amount. You can even use the Hand Tally Counter - Base Mounted at events and functions to count the attendees that pass through the entrance. It can also be used in banking institutions, at amusement parks and in the analysis of traffic.

This handy device has four holes at its base which have been included in the design so that the product may be drilled to counters or surfaces where it will be needed permanently. Keep accurate track of various amounts by ordering your own Hand Tally Counter - Base Mounted online today.