Trumeter 5000 Road Distance Measuring Wheel

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High Measurement Accuracy of ± 1%

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  • Analog format as standard
  • Large, easy to read display
  • Includes built in stand and brake
  • Folding handle for easy transportation
  • Adds in forwards, subtracts in reverse
  • Measures up to 99999.9 metres
Anti Rust
High Visibility
Professional Use
Shatter resistant

The Trumeter 5000 Distance Measuring Wheel is an excellent road distance measuring wheel suitable for numerous jobs and projects, ensuring that the user gets the best measuring results with as little effort as possible. This road measuring wheel is also quite robust and can be folded away for easy transport or storage when not in use, providing the user with the means to measure large distance areas.

With numerous benefits and features, this road measuring wheel is ideal for many areas. The Trumeter 5000 is fitted with a large, easy-to-read display that ensures the user sees the measurements at all times. The pointer on this road measuring wheel allows the user to see the start position of their measurement. clearly

These road-measuring wheels are also fitted with a built-in stand and brake, allowing the user to keep the product upright when it is stopped, reducing the need to leave it flat on the ground. The brake also allows the user to stop the wheel suddenly when needed, ensuring that measurements are as accurate as possible.

Like most other road-measuring wheels, the Trumeter 5000 allows the user to measure distances by walking forward with the product. However, using this road measuring wheel, the user can also subtract from the measurement if they walk backwards with it.

How accurate are the Trumeter 5000 Measuring Wheels?

The Trumeter 5000 offers the user a very high measurement accuracy of ±1%, ensuring that all measurements are as close as possible.

This road-measuring wheel can measure up to 99999.9 metres. It also comes with a folding and locking handle that allows for quick and easy transportation when needed.

The robust design also ensures that this product will last long. The Trumeter 5000 road measuring wheel is an excellent product that gives the user great measurement accuracy and overall durability.


  • Weight - 3kg
  • Wheel circumference - 1m