Impact Protection Foam

Reduce Risk Of Head Injuries - Impact Protection Foam Delivered FAST

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18 Item(s)

Impact Protection Foam

impact protection foam

At Pittman we have an extensive range of impact protection foam profiles that can be applied to the area needed in seconds. Each piece of protective foam is made with high quality materials and is perfect for using in the busiest of warehouse environments. Use impact foam where you need to protect employees from nearby edges or surfaces while they are working. The black/yellow design of the profiles will make them very noticeable to nearby pedestrians, thus highlighting the particular edges where needed most.

How is impact protection foam applied?

Our impact protection foam is applied to the surface via the adhesive backing on every foam profile. Simply peel the backing off and apply to the required area in mere seconds. There are also some push-on impact protection foams that can be inserted onto the likes of beams or lips on columns etc where applicable without the need for an adhesive.

What is the most popular impact protection foam?

One of our most popular impact protection profiles is the Right Angle Edge Protection Foam. This impact protection can be installed onto many right angle style areas and provides excellent protection for employees, ideal for low beams or rails where there is a chance of them bumping their head.

If you need a circular profile  foam protector our Semi Circular Impact Protection Foam. Again these protector foams come with an adhesive backing that allow them to be mounted directly onto the surface in question. Instead of mounting onto the edge of an area these foam profiles mount directly onto the surface and provide more cushion for impacting forces.

Can impact protection foam be applied to columns and pillars?

For columns or pillars the Foam Column Protector Roll can wrap around to provide more protection to bare infrastructure - the foam profiles can be bolted onto the surface via the pre-drilled holes on each unit and protect from impacting work vehicles, trollies or carts.

Impact Protection Foam Protector

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