Foam Wall Protector Roll

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Highly Durable Reticulated PU Protection Foam

Delivery: Normally 2 - 3 Weeks

  • 1500(L) x 1000(H)
  • 10mm thickness
  • Reticulated polyurethane - highly durable
  • Integral adhesive strip - apply to surface easily
  • Protects both walls and impacting vehicles
  • Washable surface - easy to maintain
  • Highly visible black/yellow chevron markings
  • Highly conformable - suitable for various surface types
Easy Installation
High Visibility
Heavy Duty
Bolt Down

The Impact Protection Foam Roll can be applied to surfaces quickly and easily and provides excellent protection to infrastructure and paintwork. Each foam roll is made from highly durable reticulated polyurethane and will absorb the impact should it occur.

Each roll can be applied to surfaces using the integrated adhesive strip - ensure the surface is clean and dry before application to ensure the roll has the best chance from the beginning. The highly visible yellow and black markings make it perfect for the likes of car parks or warehouses where they will be well seen by vehicle owners or employees.

The impact protection roll can be installed onto flat surfaces or round columns should it be required - the adhesive backing makes it very easy to apply and allows for the foam to provide instant protection on site.

The impact protection foam is also ideal for a combination of surfaces in that it can be applied to flat walls and curve around corners or bends should it need to - this makes it highly conformable and flexible in terms of the needs on-site.