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Pittman Traffic and Safety Equipment is a wholly Irish owned family run business since 1966. We specialise in providing Speed Bumps throughout Ireland, from Multinational Corporation’s right down to private individuals. Our Complete Speed Ramp Kits give you everything you need except for electric drill, allowing you to install your bump quickly for instant road safety.

We can delivery your products straight to your door - get fast delivery from Ireland's largest stock of speed bumps, bollards, wheel stops and barriers.

Anti Fatigue Mats are becoming hugely popular throughout Ireland, with customers ranging from local boutiques to Dublin Airport. Their smart design allows you to minimise lower back and leg pain, letting you stay on your feet for longer periods of time and get the most out of your day. The Notrax range of mats is the best on the market, with designs and sizes to suit any budget.

Our selection of Bike Racks gives you an excellent choice to suit your surroundings. Pittman Traffic and Safety Equipment can help you tidy up cluttered sheds with the Compact Bike Rack, or provide you with long-term storage solutions with the Sheffield Style Toast Rack Bike Stand. Our selection of bike racks and bike stands are popular with schools, who can receive fast delivery with most orders.

Dangerous junctions and blind spots on country roads can be a huge problem for motorists. By simply installing a Convex Mirror, you can easily solve this problem. Our SeeClear EXTRA Convex Mirror is our most popular choice, with an easy fixing bracket allowing you to install the mirror to most roadside poles or to walls. For extreme conditions we have the SeeClear Convex Steel Mirrors, which is virtually unbreakable!

Fold Down Parking Posts are a superb way to deter thieves from attempting to steal your car. These excellent security bollards are highly visible, making it unlikely for people to try and take your vehicle. Our range of Fold Down Parking Posts, Retractable Bollards and Removable Posts give you a great selection to suit your needs.

For these and thousands more road and protection products visit Pittman Traffic and Safety Equipment. If you need any information on our products just contact our sales team at [email protected] or call 01 531 2777.

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Phone: 01 531 2777 (Mon. – Fri.: 09:00 – 17:00)
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Phone: + 353 1 531 2777 (Mon. – Fri.: 09:00 – 17:00)
Fax: +353 59 863 0441

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