Two Tier Bike Rack

Made in The Netherlands - Two Tier Bike Rack with a 10-Year Warranty

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Bike-Up Pro Tower Two Tier Bike Rack
SKU: 714000
Pittman® Bike-Up Pro Tower Two Tier Bike Rack
Bike-Up Pro Twin Tower Two Tier Bike RackBike-Up Pro Twin Tower Two Tier Bike Rack
SKU: 714003
Pittman® Bike-Up Pro Twin Tower Two Tier Bike Rack
DoubleDeck™ Two-Tier Bike Rack
SKU: 714020
Pittman® DoubleDeck™ Two-Tier Bike Rack

An excellent way of storing bikes is by using a Two-Tier Bike Rack system. Here at Pittman Traffic and Safety Equipment we supply a vast range of two tier bike racks that are perfect for many areas. Two-Tier Bike Racks help to maximise bike storage space while providing an easy to use system.

2 tier bike racks

How easy is it to use Two Tier Bike Racks?

The chrome steel ball bearings and gas spring used in the Velo-Up Two Tier Bike Racks make them very easy to use at all times. The gas-assisted mechanism means that the struts can be pulled out and pushed in very easily, suitable for using with one-hand and ideal for many bike types.

One of our most popular Two Tier Cycle Rack options is the Velo-Up Regular Two-Tier Bike Rack.

How many bikes can be stored in a Two-Tier Bike Rack?

Our Two-Tier Bike Racks can store from as few as 8 bikes up to an almost unlimited amount of bicycles, depending on your area.

Each section comes with a standard 8 bike parking struts, 4 top and 4 bottom, and can be attached end on end and back to back with other units to creat full bike storage areas. In terms of delivery a minimum of 20 of our two tier bike racks can fit on one pallet.

Two Tier Bike Racks

How are two tier bike racks installed?

Installing our Velo-Up two tier bike racks is very easy - each delivery comes as flat-packed for easy self install on site. To install them the main frame can be bolted together with great ease and the individual 4 struts can be bolted into position on the upper level. All fixings are included with delivery, so you don't need to worry about purchasing them separately. Once all pieces have been bolted together the bike racks are ready to use immediately.

What is the maximum ceiling height needed for two tier bike racks?

With our Velo-Up Regular Two Tier Bike Rack the minimum ceiling height required is 2662mm. If you are installing in a space with lower headroom we have an excellent alternative product in the Velo-Up Low Two Tier Bike Rack. This model works in the exact same way as the regular model but has a maxiumum ceiling height of 2520mm.

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