Dock Bumpers

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Economy Dock BumperEconomy Dock Bumper
SKU: 862404
PITTMAN® UK Economy Dock Bumper
Sale price€48.50ex VAT
Ideal For Protecting Steelwork At Loading Docks
Standard Dock BumperStandard Dock Bumper
SKU: 862406
Pittman® Standard Dock Bumper
Sale price€62.00ex VAT
Most Popular Bumper For Loading Bays
Tall Dock BumperTall Dock Bumper
SKU: 862409
Pittman® Tall Dock Bumper
Sale price€99.00ex VAT
Longer Length For Repeated Impacts
Extra Tall Dock BumperExtra Tall Dock Bumper
SKU: 862410
Pittman® Extra Tall Dock Bumper
Sale price€113.00ex VAT
Prevents HGVs From Under-Riding
Extended Dock BumperExtended Dock Bumper
SKU: 862407
Pittman® Extended Dock Bumper
Sale price€94.00ex VAT
Deeper Designed To Better Protect Docks
DB2 Rubber Dock BumperDB2 Rubber Dock Bumper
SKU: 862405
Pittman® DB2 Rubber Dock Bumper
Sale price€228.00ex VAT
Minimal 66mm Depth for Closer HGV Parking
DB5 L-Shaped Dock BumperDB5 L-Shaped Dock Bumper
SKU: 862408
Pittman® DB5 L-Shaped Dock Bumper
Sale price€94.00ex VAT
Added Protection for Loading Dock Top Edges
DB15 Plastic Dock Bumper
SKU: 862421
Pittman® DB15 Plastic Dock Bumper
Sale price€327.00ex VAT
Minimal 66mm deep plate - allows closer parking
DB16 Plastic Dock Bumper
SKU: 862422
Pittman® DB16 Plastic Dock Bumper
Sale price€208.00ex VAT
Low-Friction Polyethylene Front Plate
DB17 Plastic Dock Bumper
SKU: 862423
Pittman® DB17 Plastic Dock Bumper
Sale price€271.50ex VAT
Low-Friction UHMWP Front Plate
DB18 Plastic Dock Bumper
SKU: 862424
Pittman® DB18 Plastic Dock Bumper
Sale price€383.00ex VAT
Compresses 11mm Under 15 Tonne Load
DB19 Plastic Dock Bumper
SKU: 862425
Pittman® DB19 Plastic Dock Bumper
Sale price€456.50ex VAT
160mm Deep to Deflect Heavy Impacts
DB20 Plastic Dock Bumper
SKU: 862426
Pittman® DB20 Plastic Dock Bumper
Sale price€547.00ex VAT
Compresses 11mm Under 15 Tonne Load
DB21 Plastic Dock Bumper
SKU: 862427
Pittman® DB21 Plastic Dock Bumper
Sale price€674.50ex VAT
Compresses 20mm Under 20 Tonne Load
DB25 Steel Dock Bumper
SKU: 862431
Pittman® DB25 Steel Dock Bumper
Sale price€601.00ex VAT
Flexible Steel Dock Protection
DB26 Steel Dock Bumper
SKU: 862432
Pittman® DB26 Steel Dock Bumper
Sale price€601.00ex VAT
Heavy Duty Flexible Dock Protection
DB27 Steel Dock Bumper
SKU: 862433
Pittman® DB27 Steel Dock Bumper
Sale price€678.00ex VAT
Higher Design Suited for Overriding Trailers