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Get fast delivery on the wide range of Armorgard steel storage boxes, transport carts, and workstations. Protect tools and equipment from damage or theft. Create highly mobile storage box solutions for building sites. Transport work materials with greater ease and protection.

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Armorgard OxBox™Armorgard OxBox™
SKU: 895966
Armorgard Armorgard OxBox™
Sale priceFrom €395.00ex VAT
Armorgards Most Affordable Steel Storage Box
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Armorgard Instagate IG4 Opened OutArmorgard Instagate Warehouse Management
SKU: 727500
Armorgard Armorgard Instagate™
Sale priceFrom €1,085.00ex VAT
All Steel Design - Expands to 2.3m
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Armorgard SiteStation™Armorgard SiteStation™
SKU: 895932
Armorgard Armorgard SiteStation™
Sale price€3,350.00ex VAT
BarroBox Steel Storage BoxArmorgard BarroBox™
SKU: 896060
Armorgard Armorgard BarroBox™
Sale price€1,105.00ex VAT
Armorgard Forma-Stor™Armorgard Forma-Stor™
SKU: 899198
Armorgard Armorgard Forma-Stor™
Sale priceFrom €2,960.00ex VAT
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Armorgard CuttingStation SS7 Armorgard CuttingStation In Situ
SKU: 899193
Armorgard Armorgard CuttingStation™
Sale priceFrom €3,590.00ex VAT
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Armorgard FittingStor™Armorgard FittingStor™
SKU: 896027
Armorgard Armorgard FittingStor™
Sale priceFrom €1,285.00ex VAT
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Armorgard Pipe Rack PR1Armorgard Pipe Rack PR1 Used On Site
SKU: 895960
Armorgard Armorgard PipeRack™
Sale priceFrom €2,033.56ex VAT
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Armorgard SpoolKart™ SPK2Armorgard SpoolKart™ SPK2 Empty
SKU: 746535
Armorgard Armorgard SpoolKart™
Sale price€845.00ex VAT
Armorgard StrimmerSafe Vault™Armorgard StrimmerSafe Vault™
SKU: 895924
Armorgard Armorgard StrimmerSafe Vault™
Sale priceFrom €965.00ex VAT
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Armorgard Forma-Shelta™Armorgard Forma-Shelta™
SKU: 737255
Armorgard Armorgard Forma-Shelta™
Sale price€4,539.00ex VAT
Armorgard DrumBank™Armorgard DrumBank™
SKU: 896042
Pittman® Armorgard DrumBank™
Sale priceFrom €425.00ex VAT
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Armorgard Tuffbank™Armorgard Tuffbank™
SKU: 895917
Armorgard Armorgard Tuffbank™
Sale priceFrom €505.00ex VAT
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Armorgard Strongbank™Armorgard Strongbank™
SKU: 895948
Armorgard Armorgard Strongbank™
Sale price€2,035.00ex VAT
ToolBin Steel Storage BoxArmorgard ToolBin™
SKU: 896004
Armorgard Armorgard ToolBin™
Sale price€385.00ex VAT
Armorgard PowerStation™Armorgard PowerStation™
SKU: 895954
Armorgard Armorgard PowerStation™
Sale priceFrom €1,275.00ex VAT
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Armorgard TuffStor Cabinet™Armorgard TuffStor Cabinet™
SKU: 895886
Armorgard Armorgard TuffStor Cabinet™
Sale priceFrom €695.00ex VAT
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Armorgard Pipestor™Armorgard Pipestor™
SKU: 895956
Armorgard Armorgard Pipestor™
Sale priceFrom €1,325.00ex VAT
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Armorgard TuffCrate™Armorgard TuffCrate™
SKU: 746536
Pittman® Armorgard TuffCrate™
Sale price€3,225.00ex VAT
Armorgard TrekDror Steel Tool DrawerArmorgard TrekDror Steel Tool Drawer
SKU: 725429
Pittman® Armorgard TrekDror Steel Tool Drawer
Sale priceFrom €585.00ex VAT
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Armorgard StrimmerSafe Rack™Armorgard StrimmerSafe Rack™
SKU: 895929
Armorgard Armorgard StrimmerSafe Rack™
Sale price€1,915.00ex VAT
Armorgard Barricade BAR1 ExampleArmorgard Barricade BAR1 On Site
SKU: 896061
Armorgard Armorgard Barricade™
Sale price€315.00ex VAT
Rubber Feet for Increased Stability - Expands to 2.5m
Armorgard TuffBench™Armorgard TuffBench™
SKU: 896059
Armorgard Armorgard TuffBench™
Sale priceFrom €410.00ex VAT
Armorgard's Versatile Mobile Work Bench
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Armorgard Mobile TuffBenchArmorgard TuffBench MBH12-VF In Use On Site
SKU: 896055
Armorgard Armorgard Mobile TuffBench™
Sale priceFrom €1,290.00ex VAT
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At Pittman®, we take pride in supplying the full range of Armorgard site boxes, storage solutions, and other products. Every item within the Armorgard series is designed to offer you a superior storage option for safeguarding valuable materials and assets during your work.

Perfectly suited for even the most bustling of tradespeople and construction workers, an Armorgard site box serves as a formidable deterrent against theft, particularly in high-traffic construction zones where numerous individuals come and go throughout the day.

What is an Armorgard Site Box used for?

Armorgard Steel Storage Boxes allow you to quickly and easily store your valuable tools and materials that you may be using on a regular basis. With some of Armorgard’s van box range you can also install the box into the back of your van to help you transport these materials when needed.

Site boxes like the OxBox provide the best in protection to valuable goods. Made from 2mm steel and coming in various formats and sizes the box provides a safe and secure location to store valuable tools and equipment.

Armorgard boxes also come with a great ease of use when opening or closing the lids – each box is fitted with gas-assisted struts to provide easy opening and closing when needed. Optional forklift skids or castors can also be attahed for more transport options.

Armorgard FAQ

Yes. Armorgard offer a 12-month warranty for their products on material defects in workmanship. Gas struts and locking mechanisms are not included in this warranty.

Yes. Using the serial number on the product Armorgard can cut replacement keys. Security measures are taken to ensure ownership of that serial number.

Contact our sales team for more information.

Yes. There is an increasing demand for equipment to be mobile on site. If wheels are not standard with a product, then they can easily be supplied as an optional extra.

Contact our sales team for more information.

Yes. Some of the Armorgard range is suitable for vehicles. It is specified on each individual item which can be vehicle mounted.

Contact our sales team for more details.

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