Armorgard DrumBank™

Option: DB2: 1385(w)x1090(d)x1350(h)mm
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Armorgard's Versatile COSHH Storage Container

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  • Powder coated finish
  • 5-lever deadlock
  • 30 minute fire resistance
  • Raised removable floor grating
  • Fully welded sump
  • Forklift skids
  • Fitted with gas struts
Professional Use
High Visibility
Heavy Duty
Anti Rust

The Armorgard DrumBank™ is specifically designed to safely store a variety of containers, from jerry cans to IBCs. The storage boxes and pallets are COSHH compliant, for added safety on site. 

The boxes are made from heavy-duty steel and powder coated for a weatherproof finish. a 5-lever deadlock will ensure that the items stored inside are secure. The grated floor is removable, making it easy to clean any spills that may occur. 

The open pallet version is made from high-quality PVC. The containers or drums stored on the pallet sit on an open grate floor with a sump below to catch any leaks should they occur. 

Model External Dimensions Internal Dimensions Weight
1385(w) x 1090(d) x 1350(h)mm 1220(w) x 995(d) x 1025(h)mm 178g
1420(w) x 1360(d) x 1290(h)mm 1295(w) x 1265(d) x 1050(h)mm 231kg
1300(w) x 750(d) x 440(h)mm 1185(w) x 635(d) x 345(h)mm 20kg
1290(w) x 1380(d) x 280(h)mm 1190(w) x 1280(d) x 200(h)mm 32kg
1410(w) x 930(d) x 2205(h)mm 1310(w) x 850(d) x 1790(h)mm 255kg
1410(w) x 1430(d) x 2205(h)mm 1310(w) x 1315(d) x 1790(h)mm 345kg
DBIBC1 1500(w) x 1530(d) x 2220(h)mm 1430(w) x 1420(d) x 1605(h)mm 390kg