High Security Bike Rack - Single-Sided

Style Price Quantity
3 Bikes (2 Hoops) (712135)
€544.99ex VAT
€670.34inc VAT
4 Bikes (2 Hoops) (712136)
€595.99ex VAT
€733.07inc VAT
5 Bikes (4 Hoops) (712137)
€695.99ex VAT
€856.07inc VAT
6 Bikes (3 Hoops) (712138)
€705.99ex VAT
€868.37inc VAT
8 Bikes (4 Hoops) (712139)
€749.99ex VAT
€922.49inc VAT
10 Bikes (5 Hoops) (712140)
€844.99ex VAT
€1,039.34inc VAT
Shipped Direct From our EU Warehouse: Delivery 3 - 4 Weeks From Order
  • 3 Bikes - 1010(L) x 500(D) x 830(H) mm
  • 4 Bikes - 1470(L) x 500(D) x 830(H) mm
  • 5 Bikes - 1920(L) x 500(D) x 830(H) mm
  • 6 Bikes - 2370(L) x 500(D) x 830(H) mm
  • 8 Bikes - 3290(L) x 500(D) x 830(H) mm
  • 10 Bikes - 4200(L) x 500(D) x 830(H) mm
  • Galvanised steel - perfect for outdoor use
  • Dual bike rack and hoop format - high security
  • Lock bike wheel and frame at the same time
  • Single-sided - lock bikes side-by-side
  • High-low hoops - prevent handlebars colliding
  • Bolt down - fixings not included
Anti Rust
Bolt Down
Easy Installation

The High Security Bike Racks can be installed quickly on site and provide an excellent means for locking bikes in place and dettering theft of them while they are in place. Each bike rack is made from high quality galvanised steel and is perfect for using outdoors. 

Each bike rack utilises a dual bike rack and bike hoop format - this format allows bikes to be locked into place via the frame and the wheel at the same time, providing the best security for bikes at all times. 

The main frames of the bike racks can be bolted directly into the ground with great ease - this allows for FAST installation on site, with no assembly required on site. Fixings for bolting into the ground are required but not included with purchase. 

The staggered high-low heads also mean that bike handlebars won't collide while they are locked in place beside each other, perfect for utilising as much space as possible and ensuring that all bike racks are used.