Spill Kits

Easy to Use Spill Kits for Fast Cleanup of Oil, Chemical or Water Spills

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14 Item(s)

Spill Kits

Spill Kits are used to control and clean up spills in the workplace. They include absorbent materials to soak up the spill for easier and safer disposal. Spill kits should be in place where there is a high risk of leaking liquids or where there is frequent use of work vehicles.

A spill kit should include - 

  • Absorbent cushions
  • Absorbent socks
  • Absorbent pads
  • Refuse sacks for disposal of waste
  • Gloves
  • Goggles

Depending on the liquid or material involved in the spill there are kits available to suit. The Shoulder Bag Spill Kit is available in an oil and fuel, maintenance or chemical option. Be sure that the kit you need matches the liquid you are storing or working with. 

Chemical spill kits are generally used with aggressive acids and alkalis. They can soak up almost all chemical materials quickly. Oil spill kits soak up material from both land and water. When the oil is soaked up through the kit the rest of the liquid is left behind. This is ideal for dealing with oil spills on water, especially around marine accidents.

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The Shoulder Bag Spill Kit allows you to deal with spillage fast. Each kit comes in a portable shoulder bag for instant use on site. Included in the handy kit are spill cushions, spill socks, spill pads, spill PPE and refuse materials. The kit is perfect for storing around factories and warehouses or carrying in work vehicles for instant response to emergencies. 

The Spilkleen 120 Litre Wheeled Bin Spill Kit and Refill can asssit with larger spills. The wheeled bin spill kit can hold up to 120 litres of the selected liquid. Each bin comes with extra absorbent socks, cushions and pads. Also included is barrier tape, allowing you to cordon off spills with ease. The wheelie bin spill kit allows for quick response to spills around warehouses and factories. 

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Other popular spill kits include

Motor Sport Spill Kit - designed for using with cars and motorbikes

Handy Bag Spill Kit - small design for storing in a glove box or boot of a car

Body Fluid Spill Kits - for public areas including schools, restaurants, pubs and more

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