Spill Kill Water Guard Absorbent Strips

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Absorbs up to 3 litres of water per strip

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  • Easy to use - deploy and tear straight from the box
  • Absorbs up 75 litres per whole box
  • 25no. 1.2 metre strips
  • Disposable and non-drip
  • Use for bleach, home cleaning chemicals, body fluids
  • Soaks up liquids to help prevent damage, slips and trips
  • Ideal for schools, maintenance, cleaning, home use etc.


Professional Use
Easy Installation

The Spill Kill Water Guard Absorbent Strips allow for quick and easy removal of water based liquids when needed, with a simple and easy to use system that can be used straight out of the box. Each pack of water absorbent strips comes with 25no. 1.2m long strips, with water absorption of up to 3 litres per strip.

Because these water absorbent strips are so easy to use straight out of the box they are ideal for using at home, in schools, hospitals, with cleaning crews, maintenance crews, DIY, plumbing, heating and many more - the possibility of uses with these absorbent strips is endless.

When cleaning up a spill each strip will absorb the liquid in an excellent manner and allows for hassle free disposal and is even non-drip, reducing residue and water drops from spilling on the area when finished.

Using these absorbent strips helps to prevent strips, trips and falls in many kinds of environments and is ideal for maintaining excellent health and safey of employees, students and coworkers alike.


Product Specifications:

Strip width: 125mm

Width of core: 100mm

Length of perforations: 25 x 1200mm lengths

Core composition: Super Absorbent Polymer

Outer strip composition: Non-woven 100% polypropylene

Absorbency: Minimum 3 litres per strip / 75 litres per box