Maintenance Spill Kit - 240 Litre Wheeled Bin

Style Price Quantity
Complete Kit w/ 240 Litre Wheeled Bin (748382)
€259.00ex VAT
€318.57inc VAT
Refill Only (Wheeled Bin Not Included) (748383)
€179.00ex VAT
€220.17inc VAT
Fast-Response 240 Litre Spill Kit with Fast Nationwide Delivery

Delivery: Normally 2 - 4 Days

  • Complete kit includes 240-litre bin and spill kit
  • Refills available - does not include bin
  • Excellent soakage for general workplace spills
  • Mobile bin for quick spill response
  • High-grade HDPE - long-lasting, reusable design
  • See below for the full kit contents

Spill kit includes - 

  • 12no. Universal absorbent spill socks
  • 100no. Universal spill pads
  • PPE kit - includes goggles, gloves and disposal bags
High Visibility
Easy Installation
Professional Use
Shatter resistant

The Maintenance Spill Kit 240 Litre provides rapid response to everyday workplace spills. Each kit contains enough to absorb up to 240 litres of spills and dispose of it carefully and safely. The 240-litre bin is made from high-grade HDPE and lasts for years. 

Choose the complete kit to receive a 240-litre bin and full spill kit contents. Order a refill when you top up the spill kit contents after use. The spill kit contents include - 

• 12no. Universal absorbent socks - suitable for containing and absorbing oil, fuel and water-based liquids

• 100no. universal spill pads - easily apply directly to spill for easy absorption and disposal

• PPE kit - keep safe using the kits goggles, gloves and disposal bags

The spill kits quickly respond to everyday workplace spills and can create a safer means of spill containment. Use the kits to boost workplace safety and clean spills fast.