Road Bollard

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Road Bollard

Install road bollards where you need to delineate or direct traffic. A road bollard can be used in many areas including roads, car parks, private car facilities and more. By using bollards you can direct traffic and reduce risk of accidents.

What is a road bollard?

A road bollard is a post used to direct traffic. They can be used to send road traffic a particular way or deter entry completely. A road bollard can be installed at entrances or exits, roundabouts, junctions and more. Depending on what type of road you need the bollards on may determine what road bollard is required.

Why use a road bollard?

Use a road bollard to highlight particular areas to drivers. Doing this can help to greatly reduce the risk of traffic accidents. Using them in car parks can also reduce the levels of illegal parking. 

There are also road bollards specifically made for using with cycle lanes. The Cycle Max Cycle Lane Delineators can highlight cycle lanes for cyclists and drivers. This helps to reduce nasty collisions between cyclists and drivers.

what is a road bollard?

What kind of bollard do I need for a road?

If you need bollards on a private road or car park most standard bollards will suffice. Choose a bollard that is best suited to the requirements of the area. The Flexbrite Flexi Bollard is a popular choice among installers. The highly reflective Oralite tape ensures the bollards are seen night and day. The bollards will also bend on impact should it occur.

If you are installing bollards on a highway you must ensure they are rated for such. The Impact Recovery Systems range of bollards are rated for highway and motorway use. 

The Impact Recovery Systems  Omega Post Flexible Bollard is made for road use. This road bollard has been tested to 200 impacts at 110km/h. Install along roadways and highway areas for better delineation.

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