Flexbrite™ Metro Flexible Bollard

Style Price Quantity
810mm post (762135)
€69.90ex VAT
€85.98inc VAT
620mm post (762136)
€59.90ex VAT
€73.68inc VAT
100% Polyurethane Posts with an Ornamental Design

Delivery: Normally 7 - 10 Days

  • 810 / 620(H) x 80 mm Ø
  • 100% polyurethane - extremely durable
  • Oralite ® Reflective Tape - highly visible at all times
  • Flexible - will bend on impact
  • Modern design - ideal for streets or public settings
  • Easily install using the Flexbrite wrench tool
  • Flexbrite wrench - order as optional extra
Bolts included
Easy Installation
High Visibility
Bolt Down
Professional Use

The Flexbrite™ City Flexible Bollard is a modern and robust bollard solution designed for a variety of public and urban settings. Its construction from 100% polyurethane ensures extreme durability, making it an ideal choice for areas that require long-lasting and reliable street bollards.

With dimensions of 870mm in height and 80mm in diameter, this bollard is not only sturdy but also visually appealing. The inclusion of Oralite® Reflective Tape boosts visibility, particularly in low-light conditions.

One of the key features of the Flexbrite™ City Flexible Bollard is its flexibility. It is fully flexible and can bend upon impact. This characteristic is ideal in busy areas, as it can protect nearby assets, other vehicles, and even the impacting vehicle itself from damage.

The design of the bollard is contemporary and suitable for various public areas, including roadsides, parks, and car parks. The highly visible strips on the top of the bollard ensure that it is noticeable at all times, contributing to a safer environment.

Installing the Flexbrite™ City Flexible Bollard is straightforward. The process involves fixing a socket into the ground and then securing the bollard in place using a Flexbrite wrench. Note that the base is included with the bollard, however, the Flexbrite wrench is required for installation but not included in the order.