Empire Flexible Bollard

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Ireland's Strongest Sub-Surface Rubber Bollard

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  • 1400mm overall height, 100mm diameter
  • Extremely durable pure vulcanised rubber
  • Rebounds if struck
  • Easy installation - concrete in
  • Countersunk reflectors for high visibility
  • Sloped top - professional finish
  • Maintenance free

Concrete In
Easy Installation
High Visibility
Professional Use
Heavy Duty

The Empire Flexible Bollard is a robust and resilient traffic management solution, ideal for delineating restricted areas, enhancing the appearance of building fronts, or premises. This bollard, standing at an overall height of 1400mm and with a diameter of 100mm, is constructed from 100% pure vulcanised rubber, ensuring exceptional durability and longevity, especially in outdoor environments.

Key attributes of the Empire Flexible Bollard include:

  1. Durability: Made from tough vulcanised rubber, the bollard is designed to withstand impacts. They will bend on impact and return to their original position, minimizing damage to both the bollard and the vehicle.

  2. Visibility: Each bollard features two countersunk reflective bands, enhancing visibility in low-light conditions and adverse weather, thus ensuring better safety for vehicle drivers.

  3. Ease of Installation: The bollard is easy to install in concrete, marked with an installation point for accurate placement. Once installed, about 1040mm of the bollard's height remains above ground, with 360mm secured below the surface.

  4. Maintenance-Free: Its design and material make the bollard maintenance-free, providing a hassle-free solution for traffic control and area demarcation.

  5. Professional Aesthetic: With a sloped top, the bollard offers a professional finish, suitable for various settings, from business fronts to public areas.


Product Specifications:

Total Height: 1400mm

Height above ground: 1040mm

Diameter: 100mm